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What are the anti-inflammatory agents?

1. Glucocorticoids

2. Non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

What are three major actions of NSAIDs?

1. Anti-inflammatory action

2. Analgesic effect

3. Antipyretic effect

Anti-inflammatory action

1. Vasodilator prostaglandin (PGE2) decrease

2. Resulting to less oedema

Analgesic effect

1. Decreased prostaglandin generation

2. Less sensation of nociceptive nerve endings to inflammatory mediators.

Antipyretic effect

1. Decreased mediator prostaglanding that is responsible for elevating the hypothalamic set-point of temperature control.

What are the clinical use of NSAIDs

Rheumatoid arthritis


To lower temperature

What are the unwanted effects of NSAIDs

Inhibition of housekeeping enzyme (COX1)




Skin reaction

Liver disorders

What aspirin cause

Irreversible inactivation of COX1 and COX2

Inhibit platelet aggregation

Aspirin metabolize in


Unwanted effect of aspirin

Gastric bleeding


Deafness (large dose)

Paracetamol commonly used as

Non-narcotic analgesic-antipyretic agent

Paracetamol is selective inhibitor of


Toxic dose of paracetamol causing the drug to

Converted by mixed function oxidase to N-acetyl-p-benzoquinone imine and react with proteins and kill the cell

What is the used of Anti-histamine

for allergic reactions including allergic rhinitis,urticarial, insect bites and drug hypersensitives.

What is anti-emetics

Prevention of motion sickness or other causes of nausea

What is the action of immunosuppressant drugs?

Most act in the induction phase of immunological response, reducing lymphocyte proliferation (rapid increase in number)

Some inhibit aspects of the effector phase of white blood cell.

Agent that inhibit Interleukin 2 (IL-2) production or action?


Agent that inhibit cytokine gene expression


Agent that inhibit purine and pyrimidine synthesis


Agent that block the T- cell surface molecule involve in signaling

Monoclonal antibodies

What are the clinical use of immunosuppressant drugs?

To suppress rejection of transplanted organs and tissue

TO suppress graft versus host diseases in bone marrow transplant

TO treat a variety of conditions with auto immune component in their pathogenesis

Arachidonate metabolites are


Outline the action of anti inflammatory drugs

1. Glucocorticoids inhibit transcription of the gene for COX2.