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the power or right to give commands, take action, and make binding decisions.
a form of government that is controlled by a leader who holds absolute power and denies popular participation in decision making.
Band societies
bands are the basic social units in many hunting-and-gathering societies; these societies are characterized by being kinship based and having no permanent political structure.
an intermediate form of political organization in which integration is achieved through the office of chiefs.
a type of political system that involves popular participation in decision making.
Headless societies
societies without political leaders, such as presidents, kings, or chiefs.
Social control
mechanisms found in all societies that function to encourage people not to violate the social norms.
a particular type of political structure that is hierarchical, bureaucratic, centralized, and has a monopoly on the legitimate use of force to implement its policies.
State system of government
a bureaucratic, hierarchical form of government composed of various echelons of political specialists.
Tribal societies
small-scale societies composed of autonomous political units and sharing common linguistic and cultural features.