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know where the earliest civilization development about 5000 years ago.
Mesopotamia Iraq
be able to list three components of the earliest. governments
Kings, Law's, and Court System
In the 16th century just before the arrival of the Spanish empire covered a rectangular area about 500 miles. know which empire this describes
Inca empire of Peru
Theories that attempt to explain the emergence of a civilization all focus on what they assume to be a key ingredient?
A centralized government
why Do you think some people of the past chose not to make the change from food foragers to food producers?
The environment already provided food for them
what problems existent in today's world have their origins in life ways of the neolithic?
Diseases and war and depletion of resources
Know how that Neolithic is different from the Paleolithic.
Know when the Neolithic as it grew out of mesolithic
12000 years ago
food Production around for the development of specialized crafts. Be able to list three examples of Neolithic technology.
plows and scyths, complex permanent housing and clothing from woven textiles.