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Edward Taylor was intersted in the "origin" of religion among early humans suggested believed what?
Spiritual beings began when primitive humans were confronted with mysterious events for which they had no scientific
Edward Taylor also believed in the existence of Cognitive beliefs name five that begin with the A, S, G, M, T,
1 Amimism (belief in spiritual being) 2. Soul( unconscious, dreams, death) 3. Ghost: linger and do harm to humans4. Mana: supernat. power or force which causes wonder, awe or dread in people 5. Taboo, a set of religious rules forbid acts that bring people in contact with the MANM.
Max Muller believed that religion orgin began how?
Lingustic change; a human soul developed from observation of the role of people breathing in life. ( or the psyche).
then metaphor when death occures: The life goes out of the person
How did Karl Marx define religion?
1) Marx believed that Religon is largely the effect of social change throughout history rather then the cause of it.
How did Durkheim define religion? By what two terms?
Profane and sacred
Sacred things differ from profane (everyday life) because of the feelings they inspire in people. Religion as a social phenomenon. A symbolic expression of social order and an expression of religious beliefs.
Malinnowski defined religion as?
A means to reduce pysological stress and anxiety in people, a way in which humans cope with people such as MAGIC to acheive specific human needs
Wallace believed that religious rituals are perfomed to cause what people in or nature?
"Transformation of State" in humans and nature to prevent other, undesired changes such as illness, protecting others from danger, dealth etc.
How did Edward Leach define the role of rituals?
MULTIVOCALIC" The quality of having more then one meaning or interpetation. for example being baptism could be thought of following in Jesus footsteps OR of Jesus death then resurrection.
What is Naturalistic Thinking?
Explains human experiences betwen internal objects or events and the experience of internal phenomena in Natural terms in biological sciences such as a headace occcurs
from tention. where as external experiences other externa phenomena like thunder occurs from lighting in the atmosphere
What is Supernaturalistic thinking?
Some culture believe that a internal experiences such as headaces are caused by external forces such as spirits leaving the human body while asleep.