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To refer to something as a theory means that it?
Has been well supported by scientific testing
Homo habilis is associated with:
Oldowan tool tradition
Which tool tradition
Most prosimians now live:
On Madagascar and the islands of Southeast Asia
The large size of the back teeth in early hominids was the result of:
Eating gritty and coarse food
Ehich of the following is classified in the basic side of anthropology
The modification part of descent with modification means that
Species change through time as a result of a number of natural processes
Which subfield of anthropology is concerned witht eh human communication system?
linguistic anthropology
The anterior teeth of neandertals (incisors) displayed patterns of micro and macro wear that resulted from?
Using them as tools in preperation of animal hides
Which of the following jas not been proposed as an advantage of bipedalism?
It is more energy efficent for running
A set of directly interacting habitats make up an
To say that human race is a folk taxonomy means that
It is an example of a set of cultural catagories
The ability to grasp with the hands and sometimes feet is called
Mutations are
the source of new genetic varation
Anatomically modern homo spaiens lived in
All over the world
The measure of success under natural selection is
how well adapted the species is
The brains of primates are
larger in relative size then the brains of other mammals
Which of the following is described as orthgnatic?
homo sapiens sapiens
What am I?
When genes are exchanged or mixed between populations within a species, the process is called
gene flow
The name most closely associated with the system traditionally used to classify living this is
Increased levels of ultraviolet radiation result in
increased melanin production by the melanocytes
Most primates give birth to (number of kids)
one offspring at a time
To say that anthropology is holistic means that is
studies the whole human species
The dominant sense of the primates is
What is not associated with the evolution of anatomically modern homo spaiens
the first use of fire
the neandertals differed from modern humans in all but
brain size
The hutteries are genetically isolated, which means that they
tend to marry only other hutteries
the process that generates hypotheses is
The basic laws of inheritance were articulated by:
Gregor Mendel
Alfred Russel Wallace is known for?
Proposing explinations for evolution that differed from Darwin's
Human are considered to be?
Old World Primates
Lucy is considered to be a hominid because?
She was habitually bipedal
The earliest well-established hominid fossils are placed in genus?
Which of the following supplies concrete evidence for the fact of evolution?
The fossil record
A species is best defined as
A reproductively isolated group of organisms
What isn't part of Lamarack's inheritance of acquired characteristics?
Possibility of extinction when adaptation doesn't work
Varations in phenotypic traits that result from genetic varations are called?
A belief is an idea that
cannot be subjected to scientific inquiry
Primates have a long period of dependency after birth becuase?
They have more to learn then most animals in order to survive
Which research technique is used widely by cultural antoroploogists, where they engage in other cultures?
participant observation
The evolution of genera Paranthropus and Homo took place how many years ago?
3.2 million
Whihc of the following features used to indicate for bipedalism?
Location of foramen magnum in the base of the skull and carrying angle of femur
Which of the following cultural achievements isn't associated with Homo?
Building of shelters
When somebody judges somebody elses culture from his own cultural background, he is an?
Humans differ most from the other primates in their?
sexual behavior
The major difference between members of genera Australopithecus and Paranthropus is in?
robusticity of chewing area and chewing muscles
In "A class divided" movie, the academic abilities of students were?
Much better when students were switched between groups
When a population splits into two or more new populations the process is called?
The connection between race and IQ is?
completely nonexistant
A common primate practice that serves to both maintain hygiene and group harmony and unity is called?
The difference between modern humans and archaics involves all except?
slope of the forehead
Lucy was dated using potassium/argon. This is an example of?
relative dating using stratigraphic relationships
Folsom points differ from the Clovis ones how?
Folsom points are smaller and thinner then clovis's
What isn't a defining characteristic of civilization?
peaceful coexistance with neighbors
The first evidence of plant domestication comes from?
Fertile crescent
The division of labor typical among foragers?
men hunt and women gather
Experimental archaeology refers to?
The reconstruction of ancient skills and technologies
The discovery phase of the archaeological research.....
can be accidential
What is a relative dating technique?
What isn't generally true of horticultural societies?
full-time labor specialists
Pastoral societies are defined as those that?
Herd anumals as the basis of their subsistence
Features in the archaeological sites are?
Non-portable material culture and objects that can't be removed without archaeologists causing damage
The radiocarbon dating technique can be used to date?
Organic remains back to about 60,000 years ago
What is correct about agricultural societies?
They are stratified and politically complex
The half-life of radioactive potassium in potassium/argon dating technique is?
1.31 billion years
Dendrochronology is?
An absolute dating technique that is also known as tree-ring dating, and the most accurate technique of dating
What is used to establish horizontal control at a site?
A grid system
Foraging societies are egalitarian, what does this mean?
there are no recognized, formalized status or wealth status
According to mid-continential route that explains migration to the new world?
Asian hunters and gatheres passed via Bering Land Bridge following big game about 13,000 BP-12,000BP
What characteristic isn't typical of foraging societies?
individual land holdings
The half-life of radioactive carbon (carbon 14) is?
5730 years
What describes the overall goal of archaeology?
To reconstruct past cultural systems
The main support evidence for the Atlantic route that explains migration to the new world is?
the ability to explain similarties between solutrean tradition of Europe and clovis points
The levallois technique?
allows the manufacture of many flakes off of a single prepared core
Test pits are used to?
determine if a potential site is an archaeological site and to decide exactly where to dig
In the movie "at the service of the state: archaeology as a political tool" who funded the research?
According to the climatic change hypothesis, what explains the extinction of big game (megafunas)?
Megafunas were not adapt with the climatic changes occured by the end of pleistocene (elevaion of temperature)
What is most accurate regarding foraging societies in the world today?
there are no societies left that are true forargers
I helped your family move to a new home, so now that I am moving, I expect your family to help me. This is what?
balanced reciprocity
A market system is distuinguished by the presence of?
When we interpret some archaeological data by observing similar artifacts in use among living cultures, we call it?
ethnographic analogy
"Cultural progress" hypothesis, which explains origins of agriculture, states that?
agriculture is superior to hunting and gathering, enough time is needed to gain knowledge about domestication of animals and plants, and motivation is important because with agriculture life is easier and less work is needed
What is true about folsom and clovis cultures?
clovis culture is associated with wooly mommoth, and folsom with bison
Paleoethnobotany means?
studying plant remains in the archaeological sites
The oldest civilization int he new world is?
the olmecs (check though I think it's teotihuacan)