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How many taps mean a meal?


While Churchill was recovering from pneumonia,who was fasting in India in the name of freedom?


What did Mr. Frank give Anne for her 13th bday?

He gave her a poem.

What time of day does the Secret Annexe begin?

It begins at 7:15am

What did robbers steal on July 16, 1942?

2 cash boxes with 40 guilders

Blank check books

Coupons for 330 lbs of sugar

What were Mr. Drussels true colors?

He was selfish and hard to work with

What was discovered about Mr. Vossen when he went in for ulcer surgery?

That he had advanced cancer

What was Mr. Van Dann's nickname?


What happened to the GDLE and to the registrar's office?

It had been set on fire

What did students have to sign?

That they are in sympathy for everything that the Germans do and approve the new order.

What does Anne say has been in decline since her family has been in hiding?

Anne says her manners have been in decline

What is written in the newspapers every evening in bold letters?

Play fair and keep prices down

What will each person in the Annexe recieve for Christmas?

They will recieve an extra pound of butter

Why don't residents of the Annexe know exact time anymore?

The westend clock was removed

Who lives on the houseboat immediately opposite the building where Anne is living?

The bargman his wife and his children

What good news was learned on July 26, 1943

Mossolini had resigned and the king of Italy had taken over.

Why won't Miep give anymore information about what is happening to the Jews?

Anne's mom and Ms. Van Dann always cry

What I there a shortage of that puts Mr. Van Dann in a bad mood?

There is a shortage of cigars

Who used to be in the meat,sausage,and spice business?

Mr. Van Dann

What caused Peter to tumble down the attic ladder?

A knat bit him