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In what year did the Franks emigrate to Holland from Germany?
The year was 1933
How old is Anne when she begins writing in her diary?
She was 13 years old
What was the original date that the Franks were supposed to go into hiding?
The date was July 16, 1942
why did Anne slap the diary closed when mMrs.Van Daan walked in ?
She was talking about Mrs. Van Daan in her diary
According to the PROSPECTS ANFD GUIDE TO THE ANNEXE,' when were rest hours on Monday through Saturday ?
The hours are from 10;00 - 7;00
What does Anne think Margot wants to be when she grows up?
A teacher
What does Anne cll her diary ?
Who is Moortje ?
Anne's Cat
In What city did the Franks take refuge in the Secret Annexe ?
The city of Amsterdam
What is the name of the group that is rounding up Hews and relocating them ?
What is the date of the entry in which Anne gets extra fed up with the discussion and quarrels concerning her ?
September 28, 1942
What was the first thing that Anne packed as shewas prepared to go hiding ?
she packed her diary
''This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning '' Who said this ?
Winston Churchill
What did Anne and her father make so that neighbors would not see them ?
they made curtains
Who became eighth person to live in the Annexe
Who does Anne Frank think is trying to get through the cupboard door on October 20,1942
The carpenter
According to Anne , who are the greatest freaks on earth
The greatest freaks on earth is the teachers
What luxury do the members of the Annexe have to take turns doing in their own place
Bath quietly
When is Anne Franks birthday
June 12th
Where does Anne find the best spot for bathing
she finds office W.C is the best spot for bathing
how many taps mean a meal
3 taps
while Churchill was recovering from pneumonia, who was fasting in India in the moment in the name of freedom
Ghanndi was fasting from india
what did mr.frank give anne on her birthday
he writes her a poem
what did robbers steal on july 16.1943
blank checks, cash boxes, the secret annexe is ration coupons of 330 pds of sugar
according to anne , wat are mr.drussels true colors
a disclipinarian, preacher of sermons on manners
what was discovered snout mr.vossen when he came in for ulcer surgery
he had cancer
what was mr.van dann nickname
his nicknsme was putti
what happened to the german department of the Labor exchange and to the registrars office
the german department of the labor exchange waa set on by fire
what did students who wish either to get their degrees or continue their students have to sign
they have to sign a document
what does anne say has been in decline since her family has been hiding
what is written in the newspapers every evening in bold letters
the headlines
what will each person get for christmas
2 pounds of butter
why don't the residents of the annexe know the exact time any more
western clock has been taken away
who live on the houseboat Immidiately opposite the building where anne was living
despite all of the air raids and bombings , what good news was learned on july 26,1943
anne frank wrote the news that Mussolini has resighned.
why wont miep give any more information about what is happening to the jews
mommy and mrs.van daan always cry
where is the shortage of that puts mr. van daan in a bad mood
miep said it was hard to find cigars and he was running out
who used to be in the meat sasuage and spice business
mr.van daan
what caused peter to tumble down the attic ladder
a rat caused him to tumble down because it bit him