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Rainbow Trout

Pink lateral band.

Rainbow colored flesh.

Dark spots on lighter background.

Brown Trout

Dark spots on a lighter surface

Usually has some red spots

Halos around spots

Brook Trout

Pale spots on dark background.

Largemouth Bass

Jaw past eye.

Horizontal black band.

Smallmouth Bass

Jaw not past eye.

No horizontal band.



Vertical bars.




Pointy looking top fin.

White Bass

One line to tail.

Less streamlined.

Hybrid Bass

Broken lines going to tail.

Less streamlined.

Striped Bass

Few broken lines.



Threadfin Shad

Shiny, silver.

Lower jaw protrudes.

Alewife and Blueback Herring

Shiny, silver.

Large protruding lower jaw.

Gizzard Shad

Shiny, silver.

Rounded nose

Wood Frog

Size of fist


Upland Chorus Frog

Brown to gray back with no x.

White line above lip.

Dark stripe across eye.

Spring Peeper

X mark on back.

Now white stripe on lib.

Dark stripe across eye.

Cope's Gray Tree Frog

More prominent toe-pads.

Glycerol (antifreeze) under skin.

Very hard to find, blends in.

American Toad

Large tempanic membrane right behind the eye.

Lumps on surface.

American Bullfrog

Huge tempanic membrane.

Very big legs.

Breed in April/May.

Spotted Salamander

large (a little longer than hand).

Black w/ yellow spots.

Skin always moist.

Red-Spotted Newt

Larvae--> Red-eft Stage-->Aquatic adult phase.

Aposomatic coloration (I'm poisonous).

Bright orange in Red-eft stage.

Red spots, yellow belly in Aquatic adult phase.

Southern Redback Salamander


brown/back belly.

reddish-orange back.. more of a stripe.

very thin, 1-3 inches long.

no amniotic sack, must lay eggs in water.

Spotted Dusky Salamander

red-orange back-more of a pattern

dark belly

thicker than southern red back

have to have cold water to breathe

Jordan's or Red Cheeked Salamander

Dark blue

Red behind eyes

Imitator Salamander

Dark red color

bright red behind eyes

not actually toxic, uses Batesian mimicry. Has bright colors to look more toxic.

Northern Slimy Salamander


white to silver flecks

Blue Ridge Two Lined Salamander


2 black lines going down its back

Longtail Salamander


black dots all over

tail 2/3 of length

Spring Salamander

bright orange

black flecks

white nasal stripe


2nd biggest salamander in the world

bumps on skin

eats fish, lives mostly under water