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Is animal rights important, do they really matter, is it fair that we get rights and animals don't, but what exactly is animals rights. They are the right of the animals to be free from human exploitation and abuse.

introduction (1)

There are 5 rights for the animals

Free from Hunger and thirst

Free from discomfort

Freedom from pain, injury, and disease

Freedom to express normal behavior

Freedom from fear and distress

And this is what all animals should have, no matter how violent and aggressive they get.

P1 - animals rights (2)

As you should hopefully know is that planet earth is a populous place unlike Pluto, it in inhabited by by millions of different species. They can get as large as a blue whale to as small as a microscopic organism.The principal of animals rights is that they deserved the basic needs in life - rights to life, freedom from suffering and captivity.

Today in this world humans are using animals for their products for food and clothing. Some animals are used for entertainment, medical research, and companionship. In the ancient world, people used animals like we did, for food clothing and research subjects, but they also argued from both side of the animals rights debate.

P1 - animals rights (3)

Beast of burdens are horses, donkeys, mules and some people treat them as a part of the family, but many animals are cruelly mistreated and neglected.On Agenda the rights if the animals were very low. surviving was brutal, so they started hunting passenger pigeons. The passenger pigeon was the most common bird in North America. A result for hunting them is that they became extinct, all when the last one died in 1914. Animals rights are under human control and they have been set out in the so-called ‘five freedoms’.

P1 - animals rights (4)

Should we keep animals as pets or should we let wander in the wild? One side of the argument is that animals are beneficial for humans, it can help us in lots of ways, but others don't argue, their side of the arguments is that we are being selfish for keeping animals. Some animals that are kept as pets do get treated badly, but I believe that there are more pets that get treated right.

P2 - should we keep animals as pets (5)

Why we should keep animals as pets. Keeping a pet add quality to our life and the pets, the animals receive shelter, food and could have better health than the similar animals in the wild. The owner can experience love for another creature. Some animals can protect their owner, like dogs barking at intruders. Children's affect on having a pet is that it teaches them to have responsibility for something than themselves, it also makes them more thoughtful of the world and others.

P2 - should we keep animals as pets (6)

Why we shouldn’t keep pets is because they cost too much, money spent on food, their health and the exercise they need, there is so much money is going towards a pet. They don't actually belong in human homes, for example, dogs are pack animals that need companionship, they need to be with others dogs. Birds live in flocks, they need to fly free, not be locked up in a cage. Some animals that meant to live in big places are trapped in small spaces. Animals can carry a disease that they can pass on to human and lots of animals can be very dangerous, your lives can be at stake.

There are good reasons and bad if we should keep animals as pets, but if you get an animal to keep, treat it with care and you will be awarded

P2 - should we keep animals as pets (7)

What is factory farming?

It is an industrial operation that raises large numbers of animals for food. Animals in factory farms get treated so cruel, they get locked up in a small space.

For example chickens, they get locked up in a small rectangular cage with heaps of other chickens, there is no room for them to move around. The US raises 100 million of pigs for food each year, the piglets get removed from their mother and get the place in large, windowless, airless shed. The rights of these animals have been taken away because they believe that animals were made to be food than pets. These companies don't care about the animals, all they care about is the profit they make.

P3 - animals in factory (etc….) farms (8)

I believe that it is wrong to do this to animals, they all should get to live life without worrying about their babies being taken away from them or being killed for their meat. What should happen is that they should let the animals live their life and use them as food when they die

P3 - animals in factory (etc….) farms (10)

We need to encourage every person and this planet, no matter who they are, to respect this world and all of the amazing creatures inside. We can save this world from everlasting evil and death. We all need to support every creature on this earth, humans have rights, but so do animals, we can't be selfish and just protect ourselves, we also need to protect the animals, they aren't just good for food, but also for the company. All animals no matter how dangerous they may be, they all need protecting.

conclusion (11)