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Where did the Anglo-Saxons originate?

German tribes form Europe

When an Empire is overtaken what happens to the defeated people?

If they do not all leave, they are subject to a new culture, new language, and new rules.

What type of government did the Anglo-Saxons have?

Rudimentary Feudal system.

What was the religion of the Anglo-Saxons?

Mixture of Christian and pagan elements.

Things that are important to a group of people is called what?

Cultural Values

What place has closest government to the Anglo-Saxons?


Who was Grendel a descendent of?


Where does Beowulf sail?


Who becomes the King of Geatland?


Where in Genesis does it talk about Cain's discipline?

Genesis 4:11-15

Who do historians say wrote Beowulf?

a Monk

How many years separate Adam's death with Noah's birth?

121 years

What contrast is between Genesis 6:5 and 6:9?

Noah's wicked culture and Noah's righteousness.

What Biblical figure correlates on the timeline with the Celts, Brythons, and Geals?


What is the stonehenge most likely used for?

a season worship site

who is grendel a descendant of?


Which two events give us our first time-frame connection between biblical history and British history?

Abraham and Stonhenge.

According to the seafarer why does the narrator continue to pursue a life at sea despite great difficulties?

he cannot contain his curiosity.

what summarizes the message of the seafarer?

those who follow God will receive His blessings.

why does the narrator in the wanderer leave his home?

it is a punishment

in the wanderer, what does it seem the narrator misses the most?