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what does the DISS stand for and what does it do?
Diameter index safety system. they are non interchangeable connections that are gas specific so that the gas is connected to the right pipeline inlet.
What if you lose oxygen pipeline pressure?
Open the emergency oxygen cylinder fully, disconnect the pipeline connection at the wall; trouble shoot why somtehing is wrong
What does PISS stand for and what does it do?
Pin index safety system: prevents the misconnection of a cylinder to the wrong yoke, keeps cylinders closed, it has a unique arrangement of pins for each gas, pin holes match the yoke
What is the PISS for nitrous?
What is the PISS for O2?
What is the PISS for Air?
Behind the machines check the...
Hanger yoke and the check valve
What are the 3 functions for the hanger yoke?
Orients cylinders, provides a gas-tight seal, ensures unidirectional flow
What doe s the check valve (located w/in hanger yoke) do?
reduces the chance of transfilling or leakage (if yoke is empty) or allows change of cylinders during a case
What are the 3 types of pressure relief valves
1. fusible plug: thermally operated, when pressure increases from high temp, the fusible material turns soft& extrudes for the holder, allowing the gas to escape
2, frangible disc: a metal disc designed to burst when a certain pressure is exceeded
3. safety relief valve: a valve that opens under extreme pressure
Classifications of semiclosed circle system
1. Has gas reservior bag
2. partial rebreathing
3. chemical neutralizations of CO2
4. 2 unidirectional valves
5. has APL valve
6. Fresh gas flow less than min ventilation
What r the 7 components of the semi-closed circle system
1. Fresh gas flow source
2. Inspiratory and expiratory unidirectional valves
3. Inspiratory and expiratory corrugated tubes
4. Y piece connector
5. APL valve
6. reservoir bag
7. Carbon dioxide absorbent
What advantages of semi-closed circle system
-constancy of inspired concentration
-conserves resp moisture and heat
-minimal OR pollution
What are the disadvantages ofsemi-closed circle system
-complex design
-mulitple connection which can disconnect or leak
--rebreathing CO2 if stuck open
-total occlusion of circuit if stuck closed
other names for unidirectional valves
-flutter valves
-one way valves
-check valves
-directional valves
-dome valves
what do the APL valve do
limits the amount of pressure build up that can occur during manual ventilation
what are the end products of CO2 neutralization?
Soda Lime produces____ when CO2 is neutralized?
14-19% water
CAOH 100%
contains silica for hardening
Barium Lime produces____ when CO2 is neutralized?
20% barium
80% CAOH
Soda Lime granules are ___
4 to 8 mesh with irregular surface in the combination of small and large granuels
What is the maximum volume of CO2 that can be absorbed is?
26 L of CO2 per 100 gm of granules
Desiccated CO2 absorbents and Sevo produce
Compound A
desiccated CO2 absorbents and Desflurance produce
carbon monoxide
What is a power source ventilator?
a vent that runs off of compressed gas and electricity except piston vents
What is a drive mechanism ventilator?
double circuit (pneumatic force compresses a bellow which empties its content to the patient) pneumatically driven
-Ohmeda= driving gas is 100% oxygen
-Drager= driving gas is a venturi mix of oxygen and room air
Where is the most common place to disconnect with vents?
Y piece by ETT
What is CMV?
volume control mode: the volume is kept the same and is delivered at a constant flow & rate; volume adjusted for ETCO2
What is PVC?
pressure control mode: controls inspiratory pressure, results is increased tidal volume at a lower PIP, useful in laparoscopic surgery and obesity
What is SIMV?
synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation, useful during emergence from anesthesia
National institute for occupational safety/health (NIOSH) defined safe levels of N2O to be ... and Halogenated agents to be...
N2O= less than 25 ppm
halogenated agents= less than 2 ppm and .5 ppm if N2O is used
Explain that scavenager interface for Ohmeda machines
-its a closed interface
-communicates to atm only thru valves
-used active system must have pos and neg pressure relief valves
-5 L bag is attached and mounted at the bottom
Explain that scavenager interface for Drager machines
-open interface
-no valves; open to at; neg and pos pressure relief built in
-used only with active system
What does the low pressure alarm detect
1. disconnect (usually at inspiratory or expiatory y piece)
2. major air leaks
3. leaking tracheal cuff
4. failure of ventilator to cycle
What does the high pressure alarm detect
1. airway obstructions (laryngospasm)
2.decreased lung compliance (bronchospasm)
3. kinked or occluded ETT
4. patient coughing against ETT
5. occlusion of expiatory limb
What does the sub ambient pressure alarm detect
1. pt attempting to inhale against an empty reservior bag
2. blocked inspiratory limb
3. malfunctioning of an active scavenging system
4. NG tube placed in the trachea *most common
What is the purpose of unidirectional valves?
to prevent rebreathing of CO2
What can faulty unidirectional valves cause?
DOT and TC require specific markings on cylinders what are they?
1. type of material tank is made of
2. service pressure in PSI
3. serial # and sumbol of purchaser, user or manufacturer
4. inital qualifying test date and retest date
5 + sign = ability to add 10% service pressure
Testing cylinders include...
-inspected q 5 yr
-month and yr permanently on tank
-external/internal visual check for corrosion or impact or distortion
-leak tested by increasing their service pressure by 1.66 times
-service pressure: max press to which the cylinder may be filled at 70 F