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___________ revolution in France fails.
The 2nd Great Awakening had emphasis on ___________ and ____________.
self-responsibility and individual
What did Jackson think of the Bank of the U.S.?
He thought it was a tool of the wealthy and he wanted to destroy it
What did Jackson create b/c he didn't like the Bank of the U.S.?
pet banks
What is species circulation?
Had to pay cash when you bought land
Jackson meant to help the common people but he hurted them with the _________and ______________ .
pet banks;species circulation
What is the Indian Removal Act?
A law passed to move the Cherokees out of Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.
Why did they want to remove the Indians?
b/c the land they were living on was perfect for growing cotton
What happens during the court case Cherokee v. Georgia?
Supreme Court rules that the Cherokees are not citizens so therefore they have no right to sue
What happens during Worchester v. Georgia?
A baptist missionary represents the Cherokee in court and the supreme Court rules in favor of the Cherokees
What leads to the Trail of Tears?
Jackson didn't enforce the Supreme Court ruling
Who is the vice president under Andrew Jackson?
James C. Calhoun
What does the South Carolina Exposition state?
it reinserts the right of a state to nullify a law which is called concept of states rights
What happens when S.Carolina doesn't accept the Tariff of Abdominations?
Jackson uses the force bill
What does the force bill state?
That the U.S. gov't can and will use military force to enforce a federal law
Who avoided Civil War in the 1830s with a compromise?
Henry Clay
What is the spoils system?
when you elect your friend to be in office
What is the Whig Party?
A group of people who didn't like Jackson
Why do they call him King Andrew the First?
b/c they think he is acting more like a monarch than a president
The Whig party wanted a _______ president and a ________ Congress.
When the Whig party dies out they become part of the __________ party.