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What is Maat?
to speak of the virtues of a good life….. idea of justice, right, truth, and order
What advantages did the Homo erectus once they got fire?
They were able to cook their dinner and they could use the fire to ward of predators. And with the fire they could also have heat in the winter.
What is a scribe?
Professional writers in ancient region know to historians as the Fertile Cresent
What is the Ka?
Ka was a spiritual being that made the Egyptians believe that they needed to mummify a pharaoh’s body.
Where is the Fertile Crescent?
Within the nations of Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq
Where were the first crops cultivated- rice, corn, millet, beans, squash and other food?
These crops were cultivated in the Fertil Crescent.
What does Heirogphics mean?
means sacred carving...they were the Egyptian's form of writing
Name four of the dynasties in China we studied.
Shang, Chou, Ch’in, and Han
What was the oldest and most important city in China?
What was the result of the Persian War?
~Athens was burned to ashes
~The Delian League, group of 140 city-states was formed