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What are the two parts of the diaphragm?
CENTRAL: tendinous, central tendon
PERIPHERAL: muscular
What are the 3 parts of the peripheral diaphragm?
LUMBAR (right/left crura, medial/lateral arcuate ligaments)
What are the 5 gaps in the diaphragm called?
lumbocostal triangle, sternocostal triangle, aortic opening, esophageal opening, caval opening
Identify the blood supply to the diaphragm.
superior phrenic artery
inferior phrenic artery
epigastric artery
musculophrenic artery
Identify the venous drainage for the superior surface of the diaphragm.
pericardiophrenic and musculophrenic veins ---> internal thoracic veins
superior phrenic vein ---> IVC
Name the venous drainage of the inferior surface of the diaphragm.
inferior phrenic veins --> IVC or suprarenal vein
What is the function of the diaphragm?
principle muscle of inspiration
takes an active part in all expulsive acts
What are the 3 respiratory movements?
-antero-posterior: raise sternal rib ends
-transverse: elevate middle rib
-vertical: descent of diaphragm
What are the 3 pleural recesses?
right/left costodiaphragmatic recess
costomediastinal recess
Identify the blood supply to the thoracic pleura.
parietal: intercostal and internal thoracic arteries and veins
visceral: bronchial arteries and veins
What is the location of the root of the lung?
What structures are related to the apex of the lungs?
subclavian, common carotid, and brachiocephalic arteries, brachiocephalic veins, scalenus medius, T1 nerve, sympathetic trunk
How many pulmonary arteries and veins are there?
2 pulmonary arteries
4 pulmonary veins
What supplies nutrition to the lung tissue?
Bronchial vessels
Where does the trachea begin and end?