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Describe Latissimus Dorsi
Think of Miroku to help ID.
Nerve is thoracodorsal (their ass.)
Spinous processes, iliac crest, lower ribs
Insert on the floor of intertuburcullar salcus
Describe Teres Major
Originates on inferior angle of scap
Inserts medial lip of intertubercular slacus
MR, ADD, Ex humerus
Describe Pectoralis Major
Nerve is pectoral nerves
O- Clavicular pt, medial half of clavicle
sternocostal pt on upper 6 cos cart
Insertion and actions of Pectoralis major
Inserts on lateral lip of intertubucular salcus
A- Whole muscle MR and ADD
Clavicular pt flexes, and sterno pt extends
Think of trunks (for nerve)
O-corocoid process
I-Midpt of medial surface of humerus
A- Flexes and Adducts
Deltiod (NOI)
Think of Kankuro
O- A=lat 1/3 of clav M=acromion, P=spine of scap
I-deltiod tuberosity
Actions of Deltios (AMP)
A=Flexes and MR
M= Abducts
P= Extends LR
Also helps stabalize
Think goku no innervation
O-supraspinous fossa
I-greater tubercle
A- Abducts (abducts cell)
O- infraspinous fossa
I- greater tubercle
Teres Minor
O-Lateral border of scapula
I- greater tubercle
O-subscapular fossa
I-lesser tubercle
A- MR and ADDs humerous
Rotator cuff formed by SITS muscles
Easy to ID
N-cranial nerve, spinal accessory
O- Superior nuchal line, ex occ protub
I- lat 1/3 clavicle, acromion, scap spine
Actions of trapezius
Upper fibers- elevate LR scap
Middle fibers - retract scap
Inferior fibers- Depress LR
Levator Scapulae
O-Transverse processes
I- medial border of scap
A- (mr elevator), MR and Elevates scap
rhomboideus major
O- spinous processes of thoracic
I- Medial lower border of scap
A- retracts, MR scap
rhomboideus minor
O- spinous processes of cervicle through t
I base of medial end of scap spine
A- retacs MR scap (same as major)
Serratus anterior
O- Ribs 1-9
I- anterior surface medial border and inf angle
A- protracts, Lower fibers LR, upper MR
Pectoralis minor
O-ribs 3-5
I- corocoid process
A- Protracts and depresses MR scap
O- junction of first rib+costal cart
I- inferior aspect of middle 1/3 clavicle
A- holds medial end and steady clavicle during movement of the shoulder