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Joint capsule is reinforced by what kind of ligaments?
Extracapsular ligaments
Present in the joint to reduce friction
How is the hip similar but different than then shoulder?
They are both multiaxial ball and socket joints but the hip joint is more stable but has less movement.
ROM of the Hip Joint
Flexion: 120
Extension: 15
Abduction: 45
Adduction: 45
IR: 40
ER: 50
ligament that helps hold the head of the femur into the acetabulum
Transverse acetabular ligament and the ligament of the head of the femur
What artery passes through the Ligamentum teres
Posterior branch of the obturator artery
Strongest ligament of the hip joint
Iliofemoral ligament
Y- ligament of Bigelow

limits extension and lateral rotation
maintains posture
Medial rotators of the hip
Gluteus medius
gluteus minimus
tensor fascia late
Lateral rotators of the hip
sup/inf gemelli
obturator internis
obturator externis
quadratus femoris
gluteus maximus
Main blood supply to the head of the femur
Branches from MEDIAL and lateral circumflex femoral artery and the artery to the head of the femur from the obturator artery
Where do the medial and lateral circumflex femoral arteries branch from
the deep artery of the thigh
reduces friction between the IT band and the greater trochanter
trochanteric bursa
Fractures of the femoral neck
common in old people
mainly caued by osteoporosis
may tear arteries causing aseptic vascular necrosis
ROM the knee
Flexion: 130
Extension: 0-15
Medial rotation: 5-10
Lateral rotation: 30-40
Why is there a thin opening in the posterior knee
its the opening for the popliteus tendon to pass
What ligaments reinforced the knee joint capsule posteriorly?
Arcuage popliteal ligament
Oblique popliteal ligament
ACL attachments
Posterior part of the medial side of the lateral condyle of the femur
PCL attachment
anterior part of the lateral side of the medial condyle
Which part of the meniscus has a blood supply?
The outer third
What ligament connects the menesci anteriorly
transverse ligament
menisci attached to the capsule by
coronary ligament
C shaped meniscus
medial meniscus
What seperates the meniscus and the LCL?
the popliteus tendon
Housemaids syndrome?
pre-patellar bursitis
Ankle ROM
Dorsiflexion: 12-15
Plantarflexion: 55