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When does the nasal cavity form?

5th to 12th week

The nasal cavity serves as part of what system?

The respiratory system

The nasal septum is formed from what process?

The fused medial nasal process

same as the Primary palate

How do the tissue types that form the nasal septum grow?

inferiorly and deep to the medial nasal processes just superior to the stomeduem

What does the verticle nasal septum fuse with after being formed?

horizontally oriented final palate

In what week does the verticle nasal septum fuse with the horizontally oriented final palate?

9th week and ends in the 12th

With the formation of the nasal septum and final palate it separates what?

The paired nasal cavity and and single oral cavity

The nasal cavity and oral cavity undergo development of different types of mucosa what are they?

Respiratory mucosa

oral mucosa

What has considerable influence on determining final orofacial form?

Nasal Septum

What does the nasal septum transmit?

Septal growth (pull and thrust) to facial bones in the 10th week