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Stratum Spitosum
Several layers keratincytes in early stages keratin production
Define Fibro Cartilage
C: lots of collagen fibers L: intervertebral disc, symphsis pubis F: shock absorber, flexability
Define the Hypodermis (subcutaneous) layer
Made up of adipose tissue and areolal helps muscle connect to skin
What are the basic characteristics of cartilage?
It is avascular, has cells called chondrocytes, semi-solid matrix, slow to heal/grow
Define the dermis layer
the middle layer made off dense irregular blood vessels, hair follicle, sebaceous gland (OIL), sweat gland (merocrine)
What type of cells do you find along with the stratified squamous in the Epidermis?
Kerantincytes (90%) Melanocytes and Langerhans cells (immune system)
Stratum Corneum
upper most layer dead keratinocytes no nucleus
Define Elastic Cartilage
C: Elastic fibers L: Pinna (ear) epiglotis F: to bounce back
Stratum Basale
Bottom most layer of epidermis find melanocytes and keratinocyte cells
Define Hyaline Cartilage
C:Collagen fiber L: end of long bones, nose, trachea F: reduce friction, flexability, bone development
Stratum granylosom
Severla layers where we find adult keratinocytes in the squamous
Name the 4 layers of the epidermis
1)Stratum Basale 2)Stratum Spitosom 3) Stratum Glanylosum 4)Stratum Corneum sometimes a 5th layer called stratum lucidum