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The nail folds correspond with the ____________.

overlapping nail border skin

Fingerprinting is a commonly used tool for identifying and apprehending criminals because the fingerprint is unique and ___________.

genetically determined

The nail body corresponds with the ___________.

visibly attached nail part

The nail bed corresponds with the ____________.

stratum basale extension

Another name for sweat glands is __________.

sudoriferous glands

The region with the greatest density of sweat glands is the ________.


Keratinocytes function in ___________.


The primary functions of skin include ___________ and ____________.

insulation and protection

The portion of the hair projecting from the surface of the skin is called the ________.

hair shaft

Which skin color would indicate jaundice?


Cutaneous glands, hair, and nails are considered to be ________________.

accessory organs of skin

From deep to superficial, place the layers of the epidermis in the correct order:

Stratum lucidum
Stratum basale
Stratum corneum
Stratum spinosum
Stratum granulosum

Stratum basale
Stratum spinosum
Stratum granulosum
Stratum lucidum
Stratum corneum

In the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, unique patterns of ________ remain unchanged during life.

epidermal ridges

Tactile (Merkel) cells function in ___________.


The nail matrix corresponds with the _____________.

germinal cells for nail growth

The oil glands are also called ____________.

sebaceous glands

Melanocytes function in ______________.


The lunule corresponds with the ____________.

white cresent

The eponychium corresponds with the ______________.


The superficial avascular layer of cells that is primarily keratinized stratified squamous epithelial cells is also called the _____________.


The small bands of smooth muscle that attach to the hair follicle and cause goose bumps when they contract are called ____________.

arrector pili

The region of skin underlying the keratinized squamous epithelial cells is called the ________.


The portion of the hair enclosed within the hair follicle is best described as the ___________.

hair root

The hypodermis is composed mostly of ___________.

adipose tissue

Epidermal dendritic cells (Langerhans cells) function in _____________.