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Randomized control trial

Case report

report on the intervention and outcome for a single client

Research library

the knowledge/understanding of scientific concepts and processes required for decision making

Evidence based practice

use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients

Randomized control trials

each subject has equal chance of being assigned to a group that receives the treatment or a placebo.

Helps prevent bias in outcomes.

In what ways do chronic problems affect the connective tissue?

it becomes fibrotic and involves areas surrounding the dysfunctional area.

it either thickens or thins, or it dries out or becomes waterlogged.

What is the difference in acupressure and acupuncture?

finger pressure, needle insertion

?? What is the relationship between acupressure points, trigger points and motor points?

They correspond

What percent of trigger points lie on a meridian?


What role does massage play in relieving nerve impingement?

impingement: something being pressed on

What is a trigger point?

an area of local nerve facilitation

produces shortening or microspasm

What seems to be the effects of massage on myofascial trigger points?

stimulation of proprioceptive nerve endings, changes in sarcomere length, release of enkephalin, stretching of musculotendious structures that initiate reflex muscle relaxation, connective tissue changes and increased circulation.

What is the difference in entrapment and compression on nerves?

entrapment: soft tissue pinches nerves.

compression: bones pinch a nerve

Travell known most for:

trigger points