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What is a strategy?
A strategy is a plan of action.
What is a casualty?
A casualty is a person who is killed, wounded, or missing during a war.
What is a proclamation?
A proclamation is an official announcement.
What is Parliament?
Parliament is Britain's law-making body of government.
What is an ally?
An ally is a person who joins together with another for a specific purpose.
What is a petition?
A petition is a written request signed by many people.
What is a diplomat?
A diplomat is a government representative who deals with other nations.
What was the Committee of Correspondence?
The Committee of Correspondence was a group of people who wrote to each other--sharing information about the British.
What is a mercenary?
A mercenary is a person paid to fight.
What is a minutemen?
A minutemen was a militia who were ready to fight in a minute.
What is a privateer?
A privateer is a privately owned small ship.
What is a declaration?
A declaration is a statement.
What is an intervention?
An intervention is when 1 nation or person enters/interrupts the affairs of another nation/person.
Who was a Loyalist?
A loyalist was a person who was loyal to Great Britain.
What does it mean to surrender?
To surrender means to give up and admit you are defeated.
What is a duty?
A duty is a tax on imported goods.
What is a congress?
A congress is a meeting of representatives.
What is a peninsula?
A peninsula is land that juts out into the water.
What is a revolution?
A revolution is an attempt to overthrow the government and replace it with another.
What is a massacre?
A massacre is the killing of a number of defenseless people.
What does it mean to negotiate?
To negotiate is to talk and try to reach an agreement.
What is a boycott?
A boycott is a refusal to buy a product or service in order to protest something.
What is neutral?
Neutral is when a nation/group chooses not to participate--in a war for example.
What does it mean to repeal something?
To repeal something means to cancel it.
What is a tax?
A tax is money paid to the government.
What does it mean to fortify something?
To fortify is to strengthen something.
Who was a Patriot?
A Patriot was a person who disagreed with Great Britain ruling the colonies.
What is a delegate?
A delegate is a person chosen to represent a group of people.
What is propaganda?
Propaganda is information used to win support for a cause.
What is treason?
Treason is a revolt against the government.