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executive branch

branch of government responsible for effecting and enforcing the law

president, VP, departments and independent agencies

Administrative Agency

implements changes in policies or to administer law when the legislature itself can't preform

considered an expert in the field

part of executive branch

Notice and Comment Period

the statutory time frame during with an agency publishes a proposed regulation

receives public feedback on regulation

after this period expires, regulation can take effect

Federal Register

Daily publication in which U.S. administrative agencies publish

  1. federal actions
  2. proposed regulations
  3. final regulations
  4. governmental notices

Code of Federal Regulations

Annual collection of executive agency regulations published in the daily federal register, combined w/ previously issued regulations

Preemption Doctrine

if a conflict exists, federal law prevails over state law under the supremacy clause of the US constitution

Department of Medical Assistance (DMA)

Medicaid policy and reimbursment