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King, Charles Bird

"Young Omahaw, War Eagle, Little Missouri and Pawnees"


George CAtlin

"Buffalo Chase, Mouth of the Yellowstone"


George Catlin

"Comanche Feats of Horsemanship"


George Catlin

"See-non-ty-a, an Iowa Medicine Man"


George Catlin

"Bull Dance, Mandan O-kee-pa Ceremony"


George Catlin

"Chee-ah-ka-tchee, Wife of Not-to-way"


Karl Bodmer

"Chan-Cha-Uia-Teuin, teton Sioux Woman"


Karl Bodmer"Mato-Top, Mandan Chief"(1834)

Karl Bodmer "Pachtuwa-Chta, Arikara Man" (1834)

Karl Bodmer"Mih-Tutta-Kusch, Mandan Village"(1833-34)


"Interior of a Mandan Earth Lodge" (1833-34)

John Vanderlyn "The Murder of Jane McCrea" (1804)

Asher Durand "Indian Rescue" (1846)

Thomas Cole "Scene from 'The Last of the Mohicans': Cora Kneeling at the Feet of Tamenund" (1827)

Alfred Miller "Beating a Retreat (War Ground)" (1863)

Alfred Miller "The Trapper's Bride" (1845)

Alfred Miller "The Trapper's Bride" (1850)

George Caleb Bingham "Fur Traders Descending the Missouri" (1845)

Charles Dean "The Voyageurs" (1845)

Charles Dean "The Death Struggle" (1845)

Charles Deas "Long Jakes (Long Jakes, the Rocky Mountain Man)" (1844)

Arthur Tait "The Pursuit" (1855)

William Ranney "The Trapper's Last Shot" (1850)

John Mix Stanley "Last of Their Race" (1857)

Albert Bierstadt "The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak" (1863)

Albert Bierstadt "The Buffalo Trail" (1867)

Albert Bierstadt

"Last of the Buffalo"