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property owners, business men as aworking class or proletariat.
belonging to the years from A.D. 500to 1450 of Middle Ages.
Middle Ages
in European history between ancient and moderntimes from 500 to 1450 A.D.
the religion founded by Mohammed andthey hold to its doctrine of the unity of Allah.

What did the clergy take care of?

the spiritual life

What did the Nobles do?

supervised the serfs work and they remained with land.

European crusaders and muslim turks

the religious war that was the result of determination of the European Christians to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims

Where Muslim originated?

Arabia in 600 A.D.


to reproduce : to increase in number or intensity.


Muslim turks who conquered the Arabs in A.D. 1000s and provoked the crusades.

Mayflower compact

the first attempt at self government in the New World

Royal Colony

run by a governor who was directly responsible to the crown.

House of Burgess

part of the first democratic government of the colony of Virginia.


John Rolfe and John Smith were associated with this colony.

Rhode Island

The colony that was established by Roger Williams for religious freedom.

The Crusades

lasted 200 years

The Renaissance

began in Italy


invented the printing press

Mayflower Compact

an agreement to obey all laws made by the pilgrim government.

Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

the division of the colony by its owners.

Sir Walter Raleigh

first Englishman to attempt to colonize the new world.

John Smith

credited with savings the settlement at Jamestown.


first black slaves brought to Jamestown.

Who broke away from the Catholic church?

Calvin and Luther

Francis Drake

first English man to sail around the world.

When did prosperity come to Virginia?

when John Rolfe introduced rice as a staple crop.

a proprietary colony

governed directly by the king

The Toleration Act

1649 and it DOES NOT state that the colonists must pay the Indians for the land take from them.

England became interested in

colonization through the effect of Richard Hakluyt.

Fall line

geographical dividing line between the water tide and the Piedmont in Virginia.

Providence Plantation

founded by Roger Williams in 1636

Roger Williams

torch bearer of religious freedom

Thomas Hooker

founder of Connecticut in 1636


first proprietary colony and a refuge for Catholics.

New Netherlands was

taken over without firing a shot and was renamed New York.

The Quakers

purchased land from Lord John Berkeley in New Jersey


John Smith


William Penn

Rhode Island

Roger Williams


Thomas Hooker

New York

Duke of York




James Oglethorpe


William Bradford

South Carolina Colony

- wealthy Virginians and Englishmen

- large plantations

-rice, indigo

-indentured servants and slaves.

North Carolina Colony

- Virginia frontiersmen, Quakers, German farmers

- small farms

- tobacco, corn, and livestock

- land worked by owners.

Germans migrated to the United States because

- continual warfare

- religious persecution

- heavy taxation and seizure of property