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What did MacArthur suggest the US do in the Korean war?
Attack China
What was the first priority of the Berlin Airlift
Get food and supplies into west Berlin in Soviet Blockade 1948
Why did the US rush to develop a Hydrogen bomb
race with Soviet union
Where did the Eisenhower Doctrine deal directly with
the middle east
Eastern Europ- immediatly following WWII
Soviet troops occupied Eastern Europe
Why did Eisenhower fire Mac Arthur
sent letter of disapproval
McCarthys final straw
bullied witnesses of US army
Containment - What was it
stopping the spread of communism
Korea after the war
nothing changed
President that integrated African Americans into armed forces
THe Iron Curtain what was is
zone of communism, seperated east and western Europe
NATO - What did it involve
ten western European countries, the US and Canada
CIA responsible during the Cold War
gather secret information of foreign governments
Truman's fair deal -What all was passed
domestic reform to solve America's economic problems
Population shift in 1950's - from where to where
cities to suburbs
Baby Boom size of -What contributed to it
Soldiers returning from war
Know what planned obsolescence is and why it was used
marketing strategy, made objects appear obsolete
Who were the main players in the Beat movement
Poets, hippies
Who developed the Polio Vaccine
Dr. Johas Salk
Eisenhower's Native American policy
Assmiliation policy - breaking up reserves
Franchise- what are they - Who were big franchises
company that sells goods of services, McDonalds
What is the definition of a conglomerate
Major corporation that inculdes smaller companies
Housing industry - Main trend in the 1950s
1950s Rock and Roll - How it was viewed by adults
corrupting the minds of children
What is the definition of consumerism
they buying of material goods
Agency that regulated TV, RADIO Ect
Separate but Equal - Supreme court case
States could prohibit the use of public facilities by African Americans, Plessy Vs Ferguson
What case overturned the "separate but equal" case
Brown vs. Board of Education
MLK Jr, - president of what organization
American Civil Rights Movement
Freedom Rides - WHat were their main goals
Rode busses to protest segregation
Eisenhower's response to Little Rock
Sent National Guard to protect the African American Students
Malcolm X's beliefs on whites participating in the civil rights movement
Whites could help but could not join
Montgomery Bus Boycott - Biggest immediate effect
Desegregation of busses
Freedom Summer - major event of it
One black and two white men killed, while getting blacks to vote
Voting Rights Act of 1965 - What was it's main purpose
Ensure vothing rights of African Americans
Nixon loses TV debates with Kennedy- Why
Nixon refused to wear makeup
Kennedy's New Frontier program - What did it accomplish
Increased minimum wage, No social security
CIA backed attempt to overthrow Castro
Bay of Pigs
Warren Commission findings of JFK assassination
Oswald acted alone, magic bullet theory
Final compromise in the Cuban Missile Crisis
Nikita Khrushchev said installations would be dismantled
Vietcong - Where were they from and who did they fight againts
North Vietnam. those who did not support communism
Diem - Why did Kennedy remove him from power in Vietnam
No sympathy towars buddist monks
Vietnam in the 1940s (which countries controlled it)
France and Japan
US' main goal in Vietnam
to rid communism
Turning [oint in the Vietnam War back in the US
My Lai Massacre
What ended Freach rule in Vietnam (treaty)
The Geneva Accords
Gave LBJ power to go to war in Vietnam
The Golf of Tonkin resolution
Domino THeory
One country falls to communism more will follow
Doves - What did they believe
peace not war, did not like Johnson
Communist leader of Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh
Major college campus demonstrations
Kent State
Gasoline based bombs used in Vietnam
Reason for struggle of US troops in Vietnam
Vietnamese camouflaged, tunnels, troops did not know the sode from side
Reasons for avoideing the war
College, medical reasons, religious beliefs
My Lai Massacre
100 innocent killed in village
Cesar Chavez organized which group of Americans
United Farm Workers, Latinos
By the 1970s NOW supported what
Same wages for men and women
Why was the counter culture weak
People grew older and more moderate
1st president to visit post WWII USSR
Intentions of Watergate break in
Get democrat campaign information
Nixon's role in Watergate
His aid spied on democratic headquarters
US Economy by 1970s - Main dependency
Foreign oil
Energy Crisis - main contributer
OPEC, broke off oil trade with US
Ford's loss in election 1976
Could not shake the republican embarrassment of Watergate
Camp David Accords - countries involved
Egypt, Isreal and America
Supply - side economics means what
Increase production rather than focusing on increasing demand
Reagan's foreign policy
fought with soviets in an arms race
Reagan's view on USSR military spending
could not outspend the US
What was SDI (strategic Defense Initiative)
"star wars" protection from strategic nuclear ballistic missiles
Election of 1988 - Who ran?
George Buch, Micheal Dukakis
George H. Bush - Persian Golf War
Remove Iraqi forces from Kuwait
Bill Clinton's legacy as president
Monica Lewinsky