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What was the name of the first satellite in space and where did it come from?

Sputnik, USSR/Russia

What was the space race?

The race between countries to be the first nation to get to the moon

What does M.A.D stand for?

Mutually Assured Destruction

When should the "duck and cover" method be used?

Incase there is a nuclear attack. This method was taught to school children.

What is the domino effect?

If one country falls to communism, it will knock down the rest.

Americans owned __ percent of Cuba's mines, oil refineries, and cattle farms pre-cold war


What did the American Mafia and other organised crime units use Cuba for?

Gambling casinos and money laundering

Which dictator did the US support in the 1950's and why?

Fulgencio Batista. He liked Americans and didn't like communists.

What did the people of Cuba think of Batista?

He was corrupt, unpopular, and inept.

Fidel Castro and 800 people overthrew Batista and his government on what date?

1st of January, 1959

Why did Castro overthrow Batista's government?

He saw US control as a negative thing and wanted it to end it in order for more independence

What did Castro do US companies' land and resources?

Confiscated them and brought them under Cuban control

What was the US response to the confiscation of land and resources?

Refused to buy the Cuban sugar crop that year

What were the implications of US boycotting Cuban sugar?

It was a vital income source for Cuba so it would have been very bad for the economy

What was the result of US boycotting Cuban sugar?

The Soviets offered to buy the sugar crop, which saved Cuba and embarassed US

Why did the Soviets by the Sugar crop?

US and Russians were the main world super powers after WW2 and wanted more countries on their side.

USSR and Cuba both communists

Cuba is 90 miles away from Florida and would be a good spot for missiles.

What is "brinkmanship?"

The art or practice of pursuing a dangerous policy to the limits of safety before stopping, especially in politics.

eg. Naval blockade