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Describe Reconstruction
Reconstruction started in 1865 and ended in 1877 with the election of Hayes. Congress made all of the decisions about Reconstruction and military reconstruction was when the south was divided into 5 districts and each had troops totally 20,000 and generals.
The Wade - Davis Bill
This was the counter proposal to Lincoln's 10% plan and recquired 50% of all of the people that voted in the 1860 election to take an oath and support the 13th amendment and then their governments will be recognized.
W.E.B. Debois
Debois preached education to help social advancement and to gain respect, escpecially the younger generation.
Booker T. Washington
He was the first famous black leader and said that one had to get a skill and make yourself valuable to society.
Lincoln's 10% plan
Licoln's plan was thought to be to little puinish for the south. It required only 10% of the population that voted in 1860 to support the 13th amendemnt.
Freedman's Bureau
This was ewstablished by Oliver Howard and was a federal organization that was set up to provide food and clothing to exslaves. It also helped them get educated.
Who took over after Lincoln was assasinated?
President Johnson and he followed exactly as Lincoln would have done.
Black Codes
These were put in place to help maintain the stable labor force and it was laws to help control the movement of exslaves.
What were Vagrency Laws?
Vagrency laws stated that if a black was caught being idle, he was sent to court and could either work off his sentence, or could go to jail.
Why was military Reconstruction put in place?
It was enstated to protect blacks becasue of the KKK and the black codes.
Congressional Reconstruction
Congress had the most power in Reconstruction becasue they had enough power to veto any bills or actions that they did not like.
Civil Right's Bill
This bill gave citizenship and rights to blacks under the constitution.
Exparta Milligen
1866 Supreme Court Case where a citixen was arrested and his trial was held in front of military officers and officals, which is illegal when their is a working local court.
Northern business men that went south to start up businesses.
White southerners who supported reconstruction
The redeemers
Southerners who are not in support of Reconstuction and want to restore the south to what it was prior to the war.
Klu Klux Klan
Physical intimidation to pressure the black into staying away from the polls.
KKK Acts of Force Acts
1870 - 1871 This said that Federal troops in the south can hold a person indefinately if they suspect them as a member of the KKK. This scared the KKK.
Tenure of Office Act
This was an act that was passed to protect Johnson's Secretary of War, Stanton, who Johnson thought was unloyal. Congress wanted to keep him and passed the Tenure of Office Act that said that the President must have the approval of the Senate before he can release one of his cabinet members. Under the executive branch, the President can hire whomever he sees fit, but now the president is taking away that power.
Johnson's Impeachment Trial
Ross saved Democracy when Johnson was charged with high crimes and misdemeanors. Ross was the deciding vote and voted unexpectidly.
"Seward's Folly" William Seward bought it from Russia for $7.2 Million.
End of Reconstruction
1877 with the election of Hayes and the Great Compromise.
Election of 1868
Grant(R) vs. Seymore (D) Grant won the election because of the exslaves in the south.
Credit Mobilier
Railroad Scandal that got many people in Congress fired becasue of bribery with Credit Mobilier Stock.
Whiskey Ring
Officers accepted payment for saying that the whiskey producers paid their taxes, when they hadn't