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The present-day democratic traces its roots to the supporters of?
Andrew Jackson
The spoils system was
the practice of filling government jobs with political supporters.
Andrew Jackson defended the spoils system by saying
it expanded democracy.
"Kitchen cabinet" was the nickname for President Jackson's
own personal advisers.
The Bank of the United States was hated by all the following people EXCEPT
Nicholas Biddle.
President Andrew Jackson's political opponent in the election of 1832 was
Henry Clay
In 1832, Andrew Jackson risked losing votes in the North when he
vetoed the bill to renew the Bank of the United States.
John C. Calhoun claimed that each state was sovereign and so had the right to
declare any federal law unconstitutional.
The belief that an individual state may restrict federal authority was called
states' rights
The senator who gave a long and fiery speech against nullification in 1830 was
Daniel Webster
After passing the Nullification Act of 1832, the people of South Carolina threatened to
secede from the Union
The leader of the Seminole who made war against the United States was
President Andrew Jackson's hand-picked successor in the election of 1836 was
Martin Van Buren.
In 1836, state banks began to print paper bank notes and make loans freely as a result of
lack of controls from the Bank of the United States.