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Who was elected president in 1815??
James Monroe
The case of McCullock vs. Maryland strengthened ___??
Nation Government (Helping Federalists)
Missouri Compromise was passed in??
Passed in 1820
Henry Clay promoted ____??
The American System
Why was the period of Monroe's presidency called the Era of Good Feelings??
The political differences seemed to fade away because Monroe symbolized the good feelings.
where are u gettin the qestions from??
hey!! cutie patootie!!
was that right??
Loyality to ones religon
American System is ___
A proctective tariff (taxes!!! LOL i know that NOW) to stimulate the growth of the nation's industries; a program of internal improvements (roads and canals), to stimulate trade; and a national bank to promote one currency throughout the nation and to lend money to build developing industries...THATS ALOT TO ABSORB SO JUST REMEMBER.... stimulant tariff= improve nations industries...national bank=currency to lend $$ to build developing industries.
Internal Improvements ____??
Federal, state, and privately founded projects to develop the transportation.
James Monroe had been involved in the national politics since the American Revolution. Monroe toured the nation ( No president since Geroge Washington had done this). He paid his own expenses and traveled without an escort. He traveled as far south as Savannah and as far west as Detroit. His fans cheered him on wherever he went.
John C. Calhoun was a planter from South Carolina, was one of the War Hawks who had called for ___
War with Great Britain in 1812.
Daniel Webster was first to be elected in Congress in 1812 to represent____??
New Hampshire. (Later served in both the HOuse and Senate representing Massachusetts.)
Henry Clay was the leader who represented the western states, in 1811, was Speaker of the House of Representatives for ___??
McCulloch vs. Maryland was a case of____ in 1819.
the bank refused to pay the state tax.
John Marshall, Chief of Justice for Maryland argued that _____??
he argued that Maryland had no right to tax the Bank bcause it was a federal instution. (Because the Constitution and the fed. govn't received authority dirctly from the people)
The disagreement between the North and the South resulted in ____.
The Missouri Compromise. (About admitting new states to the Union.
No major political divisions because ___??
The country felt united, there was not threat of war, and Monroe was into unity
James Monroe was a ___ who promoted ___.
Republican, unity
The Federalists barely existed because there was a Republican ___.
strong candidate
Name 3 causes of the War of 1812.
- Impressement; Native Americans were attacking; and over the NorthWest Territory and land.
Name 3 results to the causes of the War of 1812.
-Independence- now more powerful; Native Americans knew Americans were here to stay; Canada became united.
The Federalists were gone but still ____??
supported the programs existed
Give productuction status...
N= industry and manufacturing goods
S= farmers and agricultural products
W= farmers of agricultural products as well