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Virginia Company of London
140 men and boys set sail to colonize Southern Virginia, the area was later name after the king: Jamestown
Chief Powhatan
Wise Indian who viewed the colonists as irrational & foolish foreign men.
Captain John Smith
A wise English adventurer who was disgusted with the colonists @ Jamestown
Powhatan's daughter who pleaded her father to not kill John Smith. Smith's leadership helped establish Jamestown, VA as the 1st permanent English settlement
Starving Time (1609)
After Smith returned to England, chaos & famine ruled the colony.
an american plant unknown to Europeans before Colombus' journey
John Rolfe (1585-1622)
Introduced Tobacco
Indentured servants
a type of slave system, people had to work (usually for 7 years) to pay back to voyage from europe to america
Puritan (1600s)
Radical protestants being persecutes by the church of England, puritans wanted to "purify" and separate from the corruption of the English church
The Pilgrims
a group of English puritans who set sail for America to escape religious persecution
the 1st English PURITAN settlement, massachusetts
Mayeflower Compact
Puritans created a government that promised political power to the people
A native who spoke English & taught the Pilgrims how to grow, catch, and cook food.
Pilgrims invite Natives on a 3-day feats of squash, beans, corn, wild turkeys, ducks, and geese. Natives brought deer
French Indian war
Britain & English colonists fight AGAINST French&indian to gain Ohio.
George Washington
a young man who leg the VA militia into battle against France. FAILS in 1754
Albany congress
the colonists met with Iroquois Indians & asked the Indians to hep them fight again France. Iroquois denied.
Benjamin Franklin
American politican, writer, scientist, and painter who proposed a radical idea: colonial union for military & economic strength. Ideas rejected by the albany congress.
2nd largest continent composed of dynamic warriors and over 1,000 languages
Slave Trade of west africa
grew rich by selling slaves to Europeans
Slave raiders
african merchants raided isolated villages w.o a centralized government to protect them
Kongo (congo)
Massive slave vaid was commited on the people near the congo river
The middle passage
the horrifying 5,000 mile journey across Atlantic Ocean from Africa to the Americas
Virginia & Maryland Slaves
lived in single-room cabins located @ the end of a tobacco field (isolated many miles from the owner's house)
"over" looked or supervised slaves to make sure they did their tasks; field slaves were severely abused.
virginia-born slaves became skilled workers & began to help build and improve VA towns
House slaves
Envied by field slaves but they were more likely beaten, raped, or killed by their owners
South Carolina (rice country)
rice was complex, Africans were the best at growing rice & it became a major plantation during age of colonization
led a major revolt AGAINST europeans slaves on a ship (amistad) traveling through the middle passage.