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The textbook, Who built America? is written to reflect
the role of the working people in making American history
The first americans came from
East Asia
Pre-Columbian Cliff Dwellrs were located
Southwestern area of North America
The Asian goods most disired by europeans were
The first european nation to search systematically for a new trade route to Asia was
The Spanish expedition that conqered Mexico was captained by a shrewd and forceful soldier named
Hernando Cortez
A plague that caused massive numbers of death across Europe was
The black Death
Columbus's belief he could reach the Indies by sailing west was based in part on...
his miscalculation of the size of the earth
During the years after the conquest of Mexico, Spain's chief interset in the New World was in...
Finding and seizing gold and sliver
Was coptics a Native American people in Pre-Columbian America
The Protestant Reormation
had its greatest effect in sounthrn Europe
The House of Burgesses was
The legislature of Virginia
The survival of the Virginia colony was a sure thing only after the development of...
tobacco culture
Under te headright system, free land was given to
anyone who came to the colony as head of a household
England's break with Catholicism
stemmed from henry VIII's support for Lutheran doctrine
Would America provide homes for wealthy English aristocrats as motives in finding English Colonies
name 3 people who left massachusetts as religious dissidents
Anne Hutchinson, Thomas Hooker, Roger Williams
Identured servants were
labor that contracted to work for a specific number of years and then they were free
Who Conqured New York
Were all religious denominations welcomed in Pennsylvania
Sparatists wanted to
worship only in the company of other Saints
Puritans believed that
a person's fate was predestined by G-d
English mercantilists favored the southern colonies because they
produced valuable "enumerated articles" such as tobacco and rice