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the process of a candidate selection in a democracy
general elections
the regularly scheduled election at which voters make a final selection of officeholders
self announced nomination
the candidate announces their decision to be in the running for an office
as a nominating device, a group of like minded people who meet to select the candidates they will support in an upcoming election
direct primary
an election held within a party to pick that party’s candidates for the general election
closed primary
a party nominating election in which only declared party members can vote
open primary
a party nominating election in which any qualified voter can take part
blanket primary
a voting process in which voters receive a long ballot containing the names of all contenders, regardless of party and can vote however they choose
run off primary
a primary in which the top two vote getters in the first direct primary face one another
nonpartisan election
elections in which candidates are not identified by party labels
nomination by petition
petitions are signed in order to nominate a candidate