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Capital crime

Murder+ any other felony=death


Used to extend debate by speaking non stopgov

Government employee unions

650000 workers; chosen by support


5 types of candidates; celeb, pro, amateur, patrician, activist

Iran-centered affair

US sold arms from Isreal to Iran. Used money to overthrow Nicaragua. Reagan driven

Citizens united

Unlimited campaign donations


National Aeronautics & Space Admin.

Hill-Thomas hearings

Thomas accused of sexual assault by hill

Charlie J Guiteau

Killed pres. Garfield

Ex. Of spoil system

FDR Revolution

Made democrats majority


Disallignment: rep

Confirmation hearings

Robert Bork confirmed that Nixon was to blame for Watergate Scandal

Chief justice

Current- John glover Roberts

Longest- John Marshall (34yr)

1st black- Thurgood Marshall


Redrawing districts to benefit a party

Pork barrel politics

CEO style to gain campaign donations

Marburg vs. Madison

Case about papers. Lead to judicial review. What gives Supreme Court power

Money & justice

Poor= trial and sentenced

Rich= trial and innocent

Great communicators

Ted Roosevelt- magazine

FD Roosevelt- radio

Reagan- tv


Public Air Traffic Controllers Org. Striked against Reagan for pay raise

Region of terror

France- king Louie 16th- guietene

1977- last used

1939- last public use

Solicitor general

(Current) Donald B Verrili jr.

Determines what legal positions for us to take in court

Court packing scheme

FDR wanted to increase Supreme Court. Ruled unconstitutional.

J. Edgar Hoover

Longest serving FBI agent

Minority Justice

Louis Brandeis- 1st Jew

Thurgood Marshall- 1st black

Sandra day oConner- 1st girl

Sonia sotomayer- 1st Hispanic

West wing

Built by Ted Roosevelt. Rebuilt/added to by pres Taft. Oval Office location now

Texas death row

Highest in country. Serious stuff

Death by electrocution


Strapped to chair. Electrodes on head and leg. High volts sent through body.