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Who were the four United Artists??

Mary Pickford

D.W. Griffith

Charlie Chaplin

Douglas Fairbanks

Who was considered America's Sweetheart?

Mary Pickford

Which movie ended D.W. Griffith's career?

'The Birth of a Nation' which is a quite racy movie if you ask me....

When was the movie 'Intolerance' made?


Who was the king of physical comedy?

Buster Keaton

Who made the film 'Safety Last'

Harold Lloyd

Who made 'Keystone Cops'

Max Semont

When was the film, 'The Kid' made, and who was it directed by?

1921, directed by Charlie Chaplin

Who played the little kid in 'The Kid'

Jacky Coogan

What genre of film did D.W. Fairbanks make?

Action and adventure

Who was really good at close ups, tracking shots, and fade outs?

D.W. Griffith

Who was the first female millionaire at age 24?

Mary Pickford

Which two directors were romantically involved?

Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks.

Which three well known films were made by Douglas Fairbanks???

'Robin Hood'

'The Three Musketeers'