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Articles of Confederation

this established a confederation, which is a union in which the central government is subject to the state governments. This failed and was replaced by the Constitution

Shays Rebellion

An incident in 1787, in western Massachusetts, that revealed the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation.

Northwest Ordinance

Provided for the establishment of new States north and West of the Ohio River.


an addition or change

Constitutional Convention

A convention to revise the articles of Confederation, this convention resulted in the Constitution of United States

Virginia Plan

this called for representation according to state population

New Jersey plan

this called for equal representation in Congress for each state

Connecticut compromise

This called for a two house legislature. In the Senate there was equal representation. In the House of Representatives, there was a representation based on population.


Each state has two senators, providing equal representation

House of Representatives

the number of representatives for each state would be based on population

3/5 compromise

this counted three of every five slaves representation and taxation


they wanted a system of government in which the power is divided between the states in the national government


they warned that the new constitution did not guarantee basic liberties such as the Freedom of religion. They wanted a system of government that would not allow the national government to take power away from the states.

Federalist papers

these papers carefully explained each section of the proposed constitution, anticipating questions that might be raised by concerned citizens

Bill of Rights

This was adopted in 1791, and consists of the first 10 amendments to the Constitution

Federal Republic

a government controlled by its citizens through elected representatives. Power is divided between states and the national government

Legislative executive and judicial

Three three branches of The American government. Legislative makes the laws. The president president president is in the executive branch. The judicial branch enforces the law.


the formal ceremony in which the president is officially placed in office


The name given to the president's advisers

Judiciary act of 1789

Set up a federal court system as outlined in the constitution

Whiskey rebellion

Farmers rose up in protest on the tax on whiskey

Mint act

established a federal mint and provided for the coinage of gold, silver, and copper


stood for states rights and opposed to expanding the powers of the federal government. They still first reconstruction of the Constitution

jay treaty

A treaty with England
Pinckney treaty

a treaty with France

XYZ affair

Three unofficial agents of the French government met the peace commission and insisted on a bride to start the negotiation process

Alien and sedation acts

Feelings had to wait longer to become citizens and the president could deport those believed to be dangerous. It also made it a crime to publish false, scandalist, or malicious statements against the government.

Federalist era
An era in which the Federalists held most of the power.