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What was the first amendment? Describe the first amendment.
Five Freedoms
1.freedom of religion
2.freedom of speech;(keep in mind speech is not unlimited, slander and libel are illegal)
3.freedom of press
4.freedom of people to peacefully assemble
5.the right to petition the government
What was the second amendment? Describe the second amendment.
Right to Bear Arms
-forbids congress from infringing on the right of citizens to keep weapons
What is the third amendment? Describe the third amendment.
: No Quartering of Troops
-protects the people from military intrusion into their names
What is the fourth amendment? Describe the fourth amendment.
No Unreasonable Searches
-guarantees the privacy of names from illegal searches
What is the fifth amendment? Describe the fifth amendment.
Rights of the Accused
-no citizen can be forced to give up evidence against himself
-a grand jury determines whether there is enough evidence against a person for a jury trial
-citizens are protected from being tortured or brainwashed to force information from them
-no person can be tried twice for the same crime(double jeopardy)
-a person cannot be imprisoned, have his property taken away, or be sentenced to death without a fair trial
What is the sixth amendment? Describe the sixth amendment.
Rights of the Accused in Criminal Trials
-guarantees the right to a speedy public trial
-an accused person has the right to see and face his accuser and his witness
-a SUBPOENA requires the witness to appear in court
-a counsel for the defense (lawyer) is provided even at the expense of the public
What is the seventh amendment? Describe the seventh amendment.
Rights of Citizens in Civil Trials
-requires a trial by jury for any court case involving money or property of $20 or more
What is the eighth amendment? Describe the eighth amendment.
Cruel, Unusual, and Unjust Punishment
-fines cannot be excessive and punishment cannot be cruel or unusual
What is the ninth amendment? Describe the ninth amendment.
Unlisted Rights
-even though the constitution may not list a specific right, it does not mean the right does not exist
What is the tenth amendment? Describe the tenth amendment.
Unlisted Rights go to States or the People
-the states of people have any rights that the constitution does not forbid them to have or that the constitution does not specifically mention. The federal government cannot take such rights away from them
Who wrote the first ten amendments?
What was the eleventh amendment? Describe the eleventh amendment.
Suing States
-a citizen or another state or a foreign country may not sue a state in federal court without the states permission
-must be in the states own court
What is the twelfth amendment? Describe the twelfth amendment.
Separate Ballots for President and Vice-President
-electors are to vote separately for the president and the vice president
-this eliminates any possibilities of a tie between president and vice- president
What is the thirteenth amendment? Describe the thirteenth amendment.
-slavery is abolished
-it restricted the states as well as the national government
What is the fourteenth amendment? Describe the fourteenth amendment.
-all persons, regardless of race or former status as slave or free, born or naturalized in the US are both American citizens and citizens of the state in which they live
-a state cannot deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process
-if a state denies voting rights, they could have their representation in congress denied
What is the fifteenth amendment? Describe the fifteenth amendment.
Black Voting Rights
-race, color, or past service as a slave should not prevent any citizen from voting
What is the sixteenth amendment? Describe the sixteenth amendment.
Income Tax
-congress was given the right to tax rather than basing taxes on population
What is the seventeenth amendment? Describe the seventeenth amendment.
Direct Elections of senators
-the people rather than the state legislatures gained the right to elect two senators
-anyone qualified to vote in a state house of representatives election is also qualified to vote in U.S.
-senate election or a state governor if a state law allows it.
What is the eighteenth amendment? Describe the eighteenth amendment.
-prohibitions refers to forbidding the manufacture, sale or transportation of liquor
-the voistead act defined "intoxication liquor" and enforced this amendment
What is the nineteenth amendment? Describe the nineteenth amendment.
Women's Suffrage
-women were given the right to vote(suffrage)
What is the twentieth amendment? Describe the twentieth amendment.
Lame Duck Amendment
-the amendment shortens the length of time between the November elections and the taking office
-dates for starting terms for the president, senators and representative to take office were arranged
-presidential term; January 20th every fourth year
What is the 21st amendment? describe the 21st amendment.
Repeal of Prohibition
-this amendment repealed prohibition
-states and territories could prohibit the sale of alcohol within their borders
What is the 22ed amendment? describe the 22ed amendment.
Presidential Terms
-presidents can be elected for only two terms
-if VP becomes president during the second half of a previous president's terms a VP could serve a maximum of ten years
What is the 23rd amendment? Describe the 23rd amendment.
Voting for Washington D.C.
-residents of the District of Columbia can vote in presidential elections
-the district has 3 electoral votes
What is the 24th amendment? Describe the 24th amendment.
No Poll Tax
-a poll tax was a tax some states charged before a person could vote
-this amendment forbid any state to charge a poll tax in any federal election
What is the 25th amendment? Describe the 25th amendment.
Presidential succession
-if president is removed from office VP becomes POTVS
-if the vice president becomes vacant, the president can appoint a new vice president with the approval of BOTH the House and the Senate
-the president can transfer his duties to the VP when he is able to preform them
What is the 26th amendment? Describe the 26th amendment.
Eighteen Year-Old Vote
-18 year olds were given the right to vote
What is the 27th amendment? Describe the 27th amendment.
Congressional Pay Raises
-any vote for a pay increase for senators and representatives and will take effect until after the next election