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The MK-GRUEA-7 seat provides crewmemberswith completely automatic escape at ground level at what minimum knots?
80 knots.
How many Martin baker MK-GRUEA-7 seats are in the EA-6B?
What component provides an automatic backup mode of seperating the parachute from the crewmember?
What difference, if any do the MK-GRUEA-7 ejection seats have from each other?
Time delay firing mechanisms.
What type of aircraft uses the MK-GRUEA-7?
Which of the seats ejects first during ejection on the EA-6B?
ECMO #3.
What color is the murphy proof bracket for the ECMO #2 seat in EA-6B?
Who is the primary person to initiate ejection in the EA-6B?
With the comand eject select handle in the NORM position, what individual(s) is/are able to initiate ejection in the EA-6B?
Pilot and ECMO #1.
The lanyards for the ejection seat safety pin is what color?
Prior to entering an aircraft cockpit personnel should ensure what? EA-6B
Proper safety precautions are followed.
Who may work on ejection seats? EA-6B
Qualified personnel only.
How many tubes are attached to the center body of the rocket motor? EA-6B
What precautions , if any, are used to ensure the correct rocketmotor is installed on the proper seat? EA-6B
Varied size bolts?
The rocket motor initiator has how many compartments? EA-6B
What is the main structural frame mn the MK-GRUEA-7 ejection seat?
Main beam assembly.
The time release mechanism provides automatic harness release separation at what altitude range? EA-6B
11,500 to 14,500 feet
What componet provides visual indication of a properly installed MK-GRUEA-7 ejection seat?
Top latch mechanism.
The SEAWARS is designed to release the parachute from the crewmember during sea water entry within how many seconds?
which of the following is not a main assembly of the NACES? Main Beam,Catapult assembly,Parachute assembly,Rocket motor. assembly
Rocket motor
What component secures the NACES to the aircraft?
Smooth movement of the NACES seat bucket is provided by what?
Seat bucket slippers.
What component on the NACES takes the full trust of the catapult during ejection?
Top cross beam.
The NACES seat structure is secured to the catapult by what component
Top latch assembly.
The drogue deployment catapult is mounted at what location on the NACES?
Outboard of the RH main beam.
On the NACES what component controls the firing of the drogue catapult?
Electronic sequencer.
On the NACES what is the diameter of the drogue chute?
57 in.
The PDRM on the NACES is located where
Left side of the main Beam.
Which of the following is not a component of the NACES electronic sequencing system, Two thermal couples, Two thermal batteries, Two pitot assemblies, Two sequencer start switches?
Two thermal couples.
What components supply gas pressure to the under seat rocketmotor?
Multipurpose initiators.
In the NACES what component ensures the seat occupant is correctly positioned in the seat?
Shoulder harness reel.
Due to aircraft installation requirments, what different characteristics do the SJU-17(V)1/A,2/A and 9/A seat buckets have compaired to the SJU-17(V)3/A thru. 6/A assemblies?
1 in wider.
The under seat rocketmotor has which of the following differences in fetures to prevent incorrect installation between fwd and aft seats on F-18 A/C. Angle alignments, Shear pin sizes, Mounting bolt sizes, colors?
Mounting bolt sizes
On the NACES what color is the safe/armed handle when in armed position?
Yellow and Black.
on the NACES What differences if any do the canopy penetrators on the fwd, and aft seats have?
How many different NACES seat bucket survival kit variations are there?
on the NACES The emergency O2 system is automatically activated during ejection by what component?
Extension of an lanyard
on the NACES what color are the manual deployment handles on the survival kit?
on the NACES when the ejection control handle is pulled the sears are withdrawn from the seat initiator firing mechanisms followed by what event?
Two impulse cartridges are fired.
on the NACES during ejection, what component withdraws a piston from engagement in the lower operating link of the emergency restraint release mechanism
RH cartridge.
on the NACES what feature provides an even increase in gas pressure to eliminate excessive g-forces
Staggered firing of the catapult cartridges.
on the NACES once the leg restraint lines are freed from the A/C what component or condition restrains the remaining lines,preventing fwd movmentof the legs?
On the NACES sequencer timing commences during what condition?
Closure of the start switches.
When ejecting in mode 3 between 500-600 keas, at what time interval does the sequencer fire the drogue deployment catapult?
0.22 seconds
When ejecting in mode 1 between 0-300 keas,at what time interval does the sequencer fire the barostatic relaese unit cartridge, and release harness locks?
0.65 seconds
When the ejection seat is fired, two onboard thermal batteriesare immediately energized suppling usable electrical power to the sequencer within what time frame?
100 milliseconds
At approximately what distance of seat travel are the two pyrotechnic cartridges actuated?
42 inches
To maintain a uniform vertical accelaration profile on the seat and occupant, what component begins to operate just as the seat separatesfrom the catapult?
Under seat rocket motor.