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what is the scientific name for canker sore?

what type of skin does it affect?

what immune markers increase in prodromal phase?

recurrent apthous ulceration

nonkeratinized or poorly keratinized mucosas of skin and oropharnaxy

ige, tnf alpha, and mast cells

what are the 3 major types of recurrent apthous ulcerations?

which of these are the most common?

least common?

herpetiform, minor aphthous ulcers, major aphthous ulcers



how big and how many do the ulcers of herpteiform presnt?

minor apthous ulcers?


1-3 mm in groups of 10-100

less than 5 mm, 1-5 at a time

very large, single?

what ulcers are associated with HIV or bechets syndrome?

how long do the major ulcers take to heal?

what about the other 2?

what ingredient in toothpaste can cause them?

minor and major apthous ulcers

6 weeks

7-14 days

sodium lauryl sulfate

conventionally, what products are used to treat inflammation?

what analgesic is used?

what mouthwashes are use?

what systemic products are used?

amlexanox, triamcinolone, dexamethasone


chlorhexidine gluconate, tetracycline fluocinolone actonide diphenhydramine

cochicine, steriods, thalidomide

what supplement/botanicals are used for canker sores?

honey, glutamine, b12, german chamomile, licorice, cautery with silver nitrate

what can happen if young kids take raw honey?

what can honey intoxication cause you to feel?

where has honey shown efficacy in preventing canker sores?

botulism poisoning

weakness and sweating

prevents mucositiis in patients receiving radiation

what adverse effect can glutamine cause in bipolar patients?

what for, and when would you reccomend glutamine?


decrease oral stomatitis in patients undergoing chemotherapy

what vitamin causes piss to be bright yellow?

would you reccomend this product?

vitamin b 12

no, only in addition to conventional

how is chamomile used for ulcers?

what else is used in this form?

what would you use this for?

as a mouthwash

licorice (or oral disk)

oral mucositis induced by radiation and chemo

what are some serious side effects of licorice if eaten?

would you reccomend this?

QT prolonation, arryhthmias, HTN, hypokelamia, visual loss

despite efficacy, should not reccomend, can add to conventional therapy

what is silver nitrate used for in canker sores?

what should the ulcer be treated with before using this product?

not treating or reducing canker sores, but for reducing pain

2% lidocaine

good for pain reduction

what is honey effective for?


vitamin b12?



prevention of radiation induced mucositis

prevention of chemo induced mucositis

prevention of canker sores

prevention and treatment of oral mucositis induced by radiatoin and chemo

insufficient evidence for canker sores