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Vacations can keep us healthy

Fresh air can keep us healthy

Vacations can make relationships stronger

Swimming can make our muscles stronger

Vacations can relieve stress

In the hospital they give me a shot of morphine to relieve the pain

You never experience burnout if you take vacations

Feel exhausted

Frequent vacations lead to increased quality of life

To me, distance learning lead to increased quality of education

Confirm any reservation such as hotel weather condition car train etc

Confirm تطبیق

Pack as light as possible

Do not take necessary things

Make a list of emergency numbers to call

Our english teacher always make a list of our mistakes when we discuss a topic

Before you leave check the weather at your destination


You want to go

Call the airline and confirm that your flight departs on time

Confirm تایید

Pack your camera and video equipment at least 24 hours before you leave house

Equipment تجهیزات

Take map with you

Idea 7