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When we multiply or divide by a power of 10, the number of number of places we move the decimal equals the number of ________ in the power of 10.
When reading a decimal number, the decimal point is read as "_______."
When rounding off a division answer to two decimal places, we must divide out to _______ decimal places.
When we multiply decimal numbers, we multiply as if the numbers were whole numbers. Then we _________ the total number of decimal places in the problem to determine where to place the decimal point in the answer.
When dividing by a decimal number, the rule we use is "_______, _______, ___."
over, over, up
When we multiply by a power of 10, all we do is move the decimal point to the ________.
When we divide by a power of 10, all we do is move the decimal point to the _______.
When adding and subtracting decimal numbers, we must remember to ______ ____ the decimal points.
line up
The first place to the right of the decimal point in a decimal number is the _______ place.