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figures which hav e the same size and shape
composite number
a number with more than two factors
a segment that joins two vertices of a polygon and is not one of the sides
the quantity by which another quantity is to be divided. dividend ÷ divisor=quotient
the answer to a subtraction problem
The set of all points in two dimensions that are the same distance "r" from a fixed point "P". P=the center of the circle and r=radius
a line segment that has its endpoints on the circle and passes through the center. The longest chord in a circle.
coordinate grid
a two dimensional system formed by two perpendicular number lines that intersect at their zero points. The location of a point is given by first stating the horizontal location (x) and then the vertical location (y)
in order. example: 8,9,10 are consecutive numbers
the distance around the outside of a circle. C=2<pi>r
cross munltiplication
a way to find a missing numerator or denominator in equivalent fractions by multiplying diagonally across the equal sign to get an equivalent equation without fractions. Ex: in
a quantity to be divided
cubic unit
a cube each of whose edges measures 1 unit in length. Volume is measured in cubic units.
a rectangular prism with 6 congruent faces, all squares
complementary angles
two angles whose sum is 90º
the lower part of a fraction which tells into how many equal parts the whole is divided
decimal point
the dot separating the ones and tenths places in a decimal number