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mus musculus


four most common inbred strains



dba (oldest, brown)

c3h (dark brown, yellow tips)

how to restrain a mouse

grasp by skin at back of neck

mouse estrus cycle

4-5 days within 24 hours after mating

Rattus norvegicus


what studies are rats used for?

naturally occuring diseases such as diabetes and hypertension

four rat types breeds used in research

wistar albino (WI)

Sprague-Dawley (SD)

Long-Evans (LE)

F344 & Lewis

how to restrain a rat

one hand over animals back, thumb and forefinger pressing forelegs toward head

gestation and estrous cycle in rats

gest. 20-22 days

est cycle 4-5 days

name the four types of hamsters used in research

syrian (golden)- mesocricetus auratus

chinese- cricetulus geiseus

djungarian- phodopus sungorous

armenian- cricetulus migratorius

what type of research are hamsters used for

lack lymphatic vessels; ideal for studies with tumor and tissue transplants

used in cancer, cytogenic (genetic), and cavities research

four types of mating systems used for hamsters

hand, monogamous, harem, intermittent

hand mating

female during estrous introduced into cage and mating within 5 mins then removed

harem mating

a male and 2 or 3 females housed together, females separated out at least 2 days prior to parturition

intermittent mating

females placed sequentially w/ 1-2 males then removed to give birth

monogamous mating

male and female placed together immediatly after weaning

gestation and estrous cycle of hamster

gest. 15-16 days

est cycle. 4 days w/ no postpartum estrous

Meriones unguiculatus


gerbils are good for what kinds of studies

stroke and epilepsy

est cycle and gestation in gerbils

est cycle- polyestrus (4-6 days)

gestation- 24-26 days

cavia porcellus

guinea pigs

what studies are guinea pigs used for

vitamin C, TB studies, and immune system

strains of guinea pig

outbred is dunkin-hartley (albino)

strain 2

strain 13

guinea pig restraint

1 hand over shoulder w/ thumb and forefinger directly behind front legs, place other palm behind hindquarters

guinea pig male and female names

boar= male

sow= female

guinea pig wean time, est cycle, gestation

wean- 14 to 28 days

est cycle- 16 to 18 days

gest- 60-65 days

guinea pig diet

need a diet rich in vitamin C,

may eat microencapsulated ascorbic acid

oryctolagus cuniculus


rabbit male and female name

male= buck

female= doe

rabbit restraint

grab scruff with one hand, support hindquarters, tuck into crook of arm


eating stool

done to recycle proteins, water, vitamin B

rabbit weaning, gest, and est cycle

weaning- 4-6 weeks (eat dry food ~3 weeks)

gest- 29-35 days

est cycle- no regular cycle

optimum temperature for rabbits

61-72 degrees

Felis catus


restraint in cats

secure scruff

lift and place other hand behind hindquarters

encircle hind legs but ensure theyre no touching

hold upright

cats need a diet high in ___?


weaning, gest, and esterous

weaning 6-7 weeks

gest 62-65 days

esterous6-7 months, several cycles in a row

male cats are prone to ___ disease


canis familiaris


how to handle a dog

place 1 hand underneath chest and other under rump

how to restrain a dog

place 1 arm around neck and bring head up to handlers shoulder

hold head and neck firmly

gest, estrous in dogs

gest: 58-67 days

estrous: 3 week cycle, 6-7 month intervals


humans, apes, and monkeys


any primate not an ape or monkey

physical restraint for NHP <9 kg

hold forearms behind back with 1 hand, extend legs firmly with other

estrous, gest, and weaning for monkey

estrous- 28 days

gest- 150-175 days

weaning- 12-24 months

squeeze cage

cage for restraint in blood collection, drug administration, ect.

how long quarantine for monkeys?

31-60 days

diet for new world monkeys should include

vitamin C, vitamin d3, supplement with fruits and vegetables

sus scrofa


what are pigs used for?

cardiovacular, nutrition, diabetes, ect

name two devices for restraining pigs

v-trough and snare


2 attendants turn pig upside down in a v-shaped trough

ovis aries


capra hircus


bos taurus