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how many fleet master chiefs are there?


how many force master chiefs are there?


what are the 6 areas of naval doctrine?

warfare, intelligence, planning, logistics, operations, command and control

what are the three levels of war?

tactical, operational, strategic

what are the 7 principles of naval logistics?

flexibility, economy, responsiveness, attainability, simplicity, sustainability, survivability

what was the significance of the battle of coral sea?

first major battle fought solely by air

what is the birthday of naval aviation?


who did the navy purchase its first aircraft from?

glen curtis

what was the name of the first aircraft?

the A-1 Triad

how much did the A-1 Triad cost?


what is the name of the first aircraft carrier?

Uss Langley (cv-1)

what was the first jet powered Naval Aircraft?

Fj-1 Fury

who was the first Naval Aviator in space?

cdr Alan Shepherd

When was the battle of coral sea fought?

between 4-8 May 1942