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What error is corrected when an aircraft compass is swung?

Deviation error.

What fluid is used in an aircraft magnetic compass?

A special water-clear fluid similar to kerosene.

What is the maximum amount of deviation error allowed when a magnetic compass is installed in an aircraft?


Where on an airport is a compass rose located?

At a location where there is little traffic in the area is free from magnetic interference caused by electrical power lines or buried pipes.

What is done to a compass to correct for deviation error?

The compensating magnets in the compass are adjusted to minimize the effect of outside magnetic fields.

Where should the compass correction card be placed?

In plain sight of the pilot, near the compass.

What are the gyroscopic instruments that are connected to the low-pressure pneumatic system of an aircraft?

Heading indicator, altitude indicator, and turn-and-slip indicator.

What device is used when a wet-pump vacuum system to prevent oil from getting into the deicer boots?

An oil separator.

What are two types of filters used with a pressure system for gyros?

1. Pump inlet filter.

2. Inline filter.

What type of filter is used with a vacuum system for gyros?

A central air filter.

What two types of pumps are used in the low-pressure pneumatic system?

1. Dry-type.

2. Wet-type.

What are the veins of a wet-type air pump made of?


What are the veins of a dry-type air pump made of?


How are the veins of a wet-type air pump lubricated?

With engine oil directed into the pump through a small hole in the base of the pump.

Why is it important to use the correct gasket when replacing a wet-type air pump?

The gasket must have a hole through which the pump lubricating oil can flow.

Why do dry-type airpumps not need to be lubricated?

The special carbon material of which the veins are made wears away in microscopic amounts to provide the needed lubrication.

What must be done to the gyro pressure system if they dry-type air pump fails?

All of the filters must be replaced to prevent any debris from the pump vanes getting into the gyro instruments.

Who is authorized to perform the altimeter test to determine the accuracy of the altimeter?

The manufacturer of the aircraft on which the test are conducted, or a certified repair station properly equipped and authorized to perform the test.

Where are the requirements for the altimeter system tests found?

14 CFR part 43, appendix E.

How often should and altimeter be check if it is installed in an aircraft used in IFR flight?

Every 24 calendar months.

What are six tests that must be made when testing and altimeter?

1. Scale error

2. Hysteresis

3. After-effect

4. Friction

5. Case leak

6. Barometric scale error

How much difference is allowed between that altitude indication on the automatic pressure altitude reporting equipment and that on the altimeter?


To what altitude must altimeters be tested?

To the highest altitude the aircraft will be flown on IFR flight.

What record must be made of a test of an altimeter?

The aircraft permanent maintenance record must show the date, the maximum altitude to which the altimetre was tested, and the name of the person approving the aircraft for returned to service after the test.

Do the tests described in 14 CFR part 43, appendix E apply to the altimeters installed in all certificated aircraft?

No, only those operated under IFR in controlled airspace.

To what avionic equipment is the output from an encoding altimeter connected?

The ATC transponder.

What is the allowable difference between the surveyed elevation of the airport and the indication on the altimeter when it is set to the local altimeter setting?


What instruments in an aircraft are connected to the static system?

1. Air Speed Indicator

2. Vertical Speed Indicator

3. Altimeter

Who is authorized to conduct a static system tests specified in 14 CFR 91. 411?

A certified mechanic holding an airframe rating.

How much leakage is allowed in the static system of an unpressurized aircraft?

With a pressure deferential of 1" of Mercury, the system must not allow a loss of indicated out a tude of no more than 100' in one minute.

How much leakage is allowed in the static system of a pressurized aircraft?

With a pressure deferential equal the maximum cabin deferential pressure for which the aircraft is certificated, the system must not show a loss of indicated altitude of more than 2% of the equivalent altitude of the maximum cabin deferential pressure or 100', whichever is the greater, in one minute.

What indication on the altimeter shows that the pressure inside the static system has been decreased by 1" of Mercury?

The altimeter will show an increase of approximately 1000'.

When should a static system leak check be performed?

Any time the static system has been opened.

What should be done to the static port that is not being used to conduct the leak test?

It should be tapped over in such a way that the tape can not be overlooked or forgotten when the test is completed.

What instrument indications will result if the static pressure line becomes disconnected inside the cabin of a pressurized aircraft?

The altimeter and airspeed indications will both be lower than normal, and the vertical speed indicator will indicate a momentary decent then return to zero.

What does a mach meter indicate?

The ratio of aircraft speed to the speed of sound at a particular altitude and temperature during any time in flight.

Why do you not try to remove a blockage in a pitot system?

To prevent further damage to the pitot system.

What causes an electric driven Gyro rotor to tilt when the aircraft is turned?

Gyroscopic precession.

What is used as a guide for range markings of aircraft instruments?

The aircraft specifications, or type certificate data sheets and the specific aircraft maintenance manual or flight manual.

What is a syncro-type remote indicating system?

These systems can be used to show movement and position of landing gear, wing flaps, oil cooler doors, or other movable parts of the aircraft. A Synchro system is an electrical system used for transmitting information from one point to another. The three most common Synchro systems are the Autosyn, the Selsyn, and the Magnesyn.

What type of fuel quantity system is an electric fuel measuring device that accurately determines the density weight of the fuel in the tanks of an aircraft?

The capacitor fuel type quantity system.

Which instrument is used to indicate the speed of the crankshaft of a reciprocating engine in the speed of the main rotor assembly in a turbine engine?

A tachometer.

What type of indicating system is used to indicate engine exhaust gas temperature (EGT)?

A thermocouple system.

What does the manifold pressure gauge indicate when the engine is not operating?

It indicates atmospheric pressure.

What is used to check a manifold pressure gauge for correct indication when the engine is not operating?

Either a barometer, or an altimeter after it has been set to zero.

What is the meaning of the yellow range on the airspeed indicator?

The yellow arc designates the cautionary range.