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What three sources give supervisors a starting point for determining whether their current mishap prevention program is adequate?
AF Form 55, Material Data Safety Sheets ( MSDS), and self inspection checklist
For safety training to be effective, the trainee must...
...be inspired to make it part of their life.
When will you recieve additional training in AF hazardous communications safety program (AFHCP) specific hazards?
Upon intial assignment and before exposure to hazardous material.
What is your FIRST responsibility when recieving a new or updated material safety data sheet (MSDS)?
Study it to determine how it affects your operation.
A timely mishap investigation relies on...
...prompt notification
A primary focal point for all safety related matters is the...
... unit safety representative
Which class of mishap does not involve USAF operations, but results in injuries to USAF military personnel or property damage?
Off-duty mishaps
AF mishaps that result in total destruction or damage beyond economical repair to an AF aircraft are considered CLASS...
Which classification of mishaps result in injuries that only require first aide treatment and results in NO LOST DAYS from work?
Class D
What mishap classification is assigned if an employee is injured and misses at least 8 hours of work?
Class C
What are two types of safety boards that occur when dealing with an aircraft mishap?
What is the difference between a safety and legal investigation?
Legal investigation provide a publicly releaseable report.
The FOUR elements of the base disaster repsonse force (DRF) are...
the disaster control group, command post, control centers, and specialized elements
When is an aircrew flight equipment officer (AFEO) or senior non- comissioned officer appointed to a safety investigation board (SIB)?
When the mishap involves aircrew equipment, egress, or survival.
What should be done as a miminum to a physiological mishap victim PRIOR to removing the hemet and mask?
Mark the mask bayonets.
Weapons safety training is conducted by the...
... Base or unit weapons safety officer or NCO.
Weapons safety training is required...
Initially, before you perform explosive related maintanence, and then annually.
If there is no MAJCOM weapons safety training available, who is responsible for developing a local one?
YOU or the personnel in your section
Responsibility for ensuring that explosive safety training is provided to appilcable personnel rest with...
... the unit explosive safety NCO
The key to the entire explosive safety program is the...
To perform proper periodic inspections of an explosive operation, you would...
NOT limit your inspection to one area.
Gov't vechicles that are used to transport explosivesmust be inspected daily to...
...ensure the fuel tanks and feed linesare secure and not leaking.
When may an explosive-laden vechicle be loaded and unloaded while the engine is running?
When the engine is required to provide power for support equipment used to load/upload explosives.
For the transportation of explosives on base, you would establish a...
primary and alternate route
An exception to the route of travel that explosive-laden vechicles must follow is when...
...you're transporting explosives in support of training of working dogs.
Aircrew Flight Equipment explosives must be carried in...
protective containers.
Which is NOTa fundamental principal that must be observed when you're planning and conducting explosive operations?
using the two-man concept
Explosive limits are based on the...
MINIMUM quantity of explosives sufficient for the operation
Containers of oily rags, combustible scrap, and waste materials must be emptied...
To be acceptable for storage, explosives must...
have an assigned hazard classification
A limited quantity of which in-use aircrew flight equipment explosive may be held in the shop storage area when removed from aircraft undergoing maintenance?
any class and or division.
Serviceable and unserviceable explosive items must be...
Before granting an explosive facility license, the base explosive represenative must...
inspect the proposed facility.
To be acceptable to the storage of explosives, a proposed facility must...
be protected form moist, hot temperature
The base fire chief completes which entries on a AF Form 2047, Explosive Facility License?
the TYPE, SIZE, QUANTITY, and PLACEMENT of fire extinguishers
Which TO contains authorized capability groups?
What is your MOST important trait when it comes to training?
An AFSC awarding course is what type of training?
Resposibilty for deterimining the overall direction of training within an AF specialty (AFS) rest with the....
Air Force career field manager (AFCFM)
The field evaluation questionaire asks the supervisor to rate....
how well the graduate performs tasks in the CFETP/STS based on training recieved.
What survey is designed to indicate the quality of Air Education and Training Command (AETC) product (techinical school graduates) to the field?
(GAS) graduate assesment survey
How many days in advance do most units forcast or project ancillary training?
60 days
If you want to automate your enlisted specialty training (EST) standards, your authority will normally be from....
the career field education and training plan (CFETP), Part II, Section A
You can best evaluate the effectivness of training recieved by technical school graduates by using the....
(STS) specialty training standard
When you decertify a newly reassigned person on a task they are not qualified to do, you must then place that person in...
qualification training
Training waivers provide...
A means for saving training resources without affecting career progression
Informaton about career progression in an AF specialty can be found in the career field education and training plan (CFETP) part...
Which of the following is not found in part II of the CFETP?
*Special training STandards
*Transitional Training guide
*Training Course Index
*Course Objective List
Transitioning Training Guide
Prior using the CFETP, you must ensure it is...
the lastest edition
Which MAJCOM is responsible for deployment and or revision of formal resident (3-level), non- resident (5-and/or 7 level CDC), field training based on requirements established by the major command functional managers?
Air Education and Training Command (AETC)
Which colum of the specialty training standard (STS) list all the task and knowledge items common to an AF specialty?
Column 1
Which column of the STS defines the "Contract with the Technical School"
Column 4
Which standard is a comprehesive task list prepared by the AF specialty Career field managers to describe a particular job type or duty position?
AF Job Qualification Standard (AFJQS)
The list of task on an AF Form 797 pertain only to...
one particular base or work center
When developing an AF Form 797, you DO NOT list...
all task developers
What principles are paramount in the AF supply system because of its complexity?
Manageability of SEGMENTS and performance of SPECIALIZED functions
What force activity designator (FAD) code applies to all other US forces or activities, approved programs of the military services and the federal agencies, and forces of support agreement (SA) programs countries not otherwise designated?
How many priority elements does a base supply personnel use when repsonding to your needs?
The date material delivery must be mad to a requester to satisfy a specfic missions requirement describes the...
REQUIRED delivery date
What type of items do you list in allowance documents?
To which supply element would you send request for supplies?
Demand Processing
Who must sign for turn-in equipmentthat is beyond econimical repair (condition condemned)?
A qualified Maintence inspector.
What do the last nine digits of the national stock number (NSN) represent?
National Item Identifcation number
What base supply customer contact points do you contact if you are equipment custodian?
Equipment managment
Requisitioning programs personnel use urgency of need designators (UND) to identify...
mission capability, degradation, and determine priority.
To find additional information on supply priorities, you would consult...
Who designates the forces activity designator (FAD) I assignments?
SECDEF with the approval of the JCS
Your cost center (CC) will be allocated funds based on your budget by the....
resource advisor
What two supply priority factors determine the off base requistioning priority?
Demand Code and Justification Code
High Priority requests inflate the overall cost of assests by increasing...
transportation and handling cost
Which statement describes when (MICAP) procedures are authorized to be used?
Only after all efforts are made to resolve materiel shortage problems locally.
Who verifies initiation of MICAP procedures once requirement cannot be satisfied using base level resources?
Supply AND Maintnence personnel
What was the mission capable asset sourcing system (MASS) application designed to do?
Improve the efficiency of MICAP processing and of the management of MICAP requirments
Which is NOT a feature of the mission capable asset sourcing system (MASS)?
Prevents abuse and misuse of uniform material movement and issue priority system (UMMIPS)
What is the MAXIMUM date for order and shipping time (O&ST) that is required for the logistic system to deliver the requisitioned materiel?
STANDARD delivery date (SDD)
Personnel in the equipment management element (EME) process an inter-custody reciept "transfer to transfer" itmes between custodians and to....
prevent spending allocated funds.
What form do you use to request changes to the allowance standard retrival system (ASRS)?
AF Form 601
What form do you use to request an item that is in the allowance standard retrieval system (ASRS) and required wing-level approval?
AF Form 2005
Who may initiate request for changes to allowance standards?
any activity
The non- expendable items equipment managment (EME) controls and issues are...
test equipment
Which AF Form do you use to for turn-in of excess of unserviceable property?
AF Form 2005
Who assignes the Juilan date and the serial number when requesting supplies?
Base supply assign BOTH the Julian date and the SN
What are standard equipment reporting designator (SRD) codes designed to do?
Identify specfic model, design, and series of weapon
The Air Force's policy on equipment repair procedures is to repair...
All spares and equipment when economically feasible
Who determines whether the requirement will be a recurring or non recurring reqest if an item is a first-time request when completing an AF Form 2005
Requesting individual, with the assistance of materiel control
The Reciept in Place Location (RIPLO) accepts all types of organizational turn in items listed below EXCEPT
EAID equipment
What is the purpose of reviewing your daily document register (D04)?
Due out releases and cancellations
A budget code 9 on the due- out validation listing (M30) indicates the source of funding for an item is....
General support (O&M funded)
A transaction exception (TEX) code 4 located on the due-out validation listing (M30) identifies which supply fuction?
Fill or Kill = Code 4
What type of issue defines a demand code R that is located on the due out validation (M30)?
Recurring issue
The priority monitor report (D18) list all parts that are on backorder with an urgency need (UND) code of.....
An asterisk in the "Memo and/or firm due-out indicator (MD)" column of the priority monitor report (D18) indicated the item....
means has funds obligated
What is the MAXIMUM number of days a deficiency report (DR) exhibit should be held pending response when the exhibit is to be transferred to another DOD component?
60 days
What point is responsible for the resolution of a deficiency report (DR)?
What is established when a materiel deficiency warrants futher investigation or consideration?
Material improvement project (MIP)
On a day to day basis, the responsibility for regulating the consumption of work hours, supplies, equipment, and the contract services in the production of things or the performance of task rest with the ...
Cost Center Manager (CCM)
The responsibility for planning, directing, and coordinating the activites of subordinate organization rest with the.....
RESPONSIBILITY center manager (RCM)
Authority for the AF to purchase resources through appropropriation granted by the....
United States Congress
The primary source for reflecting how many positions are authorized in a shop is the...
Unit Man Power document (UMD)
A key program in managing your budget is your organization's use of the....
AF Gov't-wide Purchase Card Program
The Code 412A is defined as....
Budget Program Activity Code (BPAC)
What form is used to change an AF publicationexcept for technical (TO)?
AF From 847