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What order is the rat from?
What family is the rat from?
What two species is the rat from?
Rattus rattus - black
Rattus norigious - Norway
How many digits are on the rats front feet? Rear feet?
Front - 4
Rear - 5
Where is the Harderian gland?
behind the eye
What does the Harderian gland do?
lubricates the eye
What is the teeth anatomy of the rat?
I - 1
M - 2-3
What does hypsodontic mean?
teeth at the same height
What are some characteristics of the rat mouth and teeth?
>enamel only on front
>chisel like teeth
>powerful jaw muscles
>softer dentin in back gets worn down
The rats space between incisior and molars is called?
What is the lung anatomy in the rat?
1 left lobe
4 right lobes
What type of stomach does the rat have?
The rat has a _____ way stomach.
How many pairs of mammary glands does the female rat have?
4-6 pairs
The mammary glands run ______ to _______.
thoraic to inguinal
The rats uterus is ________.
Bicornuate (2 horns)
The male rat has an ______ inguinal canal.
Female rats reach puberty at what age?
37-67 days
Male rats reach puberty at what age?
40-75 days
What is the gestation period of the rat?
22 days
How many pups do rats normally have?
6-12 pups
When do rat pups ears open?
3-5 days
When do rat pups ears open?
7-14 days
When do rat pups start getting hair?
7-10 days
When do rat pups start eating solid food?
3 weeks
What is strain genetics?
>generation of sibling mating
>parent/offspring mating
>genetically homogenous
What is stock genetics?
What is the best temperature for the rats environment?
65-75 (72 best)
What is the ideal humidity in a rats environment?
Noise could cause what in rats?
>audiogenic seizures
>depressed reproduction
What is the normal consumption of water in a rat?
What is the normal consumption of food in a rat?
Pregnant or lactating rats should get ____ the caloric need.
What is the max volume that can be given IV to a rat?
All IV injections should be done under anesthesia except_______.
lateral tail
What is the max dose to be injected SQ in a rat?
What is the max dose to be injected IM in a rat?
What is the max dose to be injected IP in a rat?
What is the total volume of blood that can be drawn from a rat?
What is the normal TPR of the rat?
T - 99.9
P - 313-493
R - 71-146
What is a chronic respiratory disease that rats get?
Murine respiratory mycoplasmosis
>Mycoplasma pulmonis
What are the clincal signs of murine respiratory mycoplasmosis?
>ocular & nasal discharge
>snuffling, sneezing
>moist rales
>increased RR
>labored breathing
>otitis media