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What is the used of a chemical agent which disrupts the nerve impulse transmission in sensory neurons, leading to temporary loss of sensation?
Local Anesthesia
What are the advantages of local anesthesia?
>minimal equipment
>minimal systemic side effects
>low cost
>excellent pain control
>minimal patient recovery time
What are the disadvantages of local anesthesia?
>some risk of overdose
>requires cooperative patient
>precise placement of drug
>ineffective in fat, none, cartialge,fascia, tendon & other connective tissues
Locals affet _________ and ________ while general anesthetics affect the brain.
peripheral nervous system
spinal cord
Sensations are lost in what order when using locals?
pain, cold, warmth, joint sensation, deep pressure in caudal abdo and pelvic limbs
Procaine is classified as what type of drug?
short acting
What is the onset of procaine and what is the duration of action?
Onset - 3-5 minutes
30-60 minute duration
What are the intermediate acting locals?
What is the onset and duration of action of lidocaine?
Onset - 3-5 minutes
60-90 minute duration
What is the onset and duration of action of mepivicaine?
Onset - 3-5 minutes
2-3 hour duration
What drug is a long acting local anesthetic?
What is the onset and duration of action of Bupivicaine?
Onset - 20-30 minutes
4-6 hour duration
Epinephrine is added to lidocaine to?
>prolong the effect
>reduces potential for toxicity
What is the injection site in dogs and cats for epidural injections?
lumbo-sacral junction (b/t L-7 and S-1)
The spinal cord terminates in a group of neurons called?
cauda equine
To perform epidural anesthesia the injection site must be made where?
epidural space
The epidural space is located where?
b/t the ligamentum flavum and the dura mater
A spinal or intrathecal injection is when the anesthetic is placed where?
subarachnoid space
The subarachnoid space is located where?
b/t the arachnoid membrane and the pia mater
If an intrathecal injection is performed the volume of anesthetic should be reduced by _____?