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What were Europeans first attracted by?
What does the Portuguese, El Mina mean?
the mine or mining for gold
What changes during the era of the slave trade as far as Africa's relationship with Europe?
perception of Africa changes
How does the slave trade impact the European view of Africans?
african becomes a commodity --> humans are turned into money
What is the impact of the slave trade on the population of Africa?
goes down substantially
Why is it difficult to estimate the demographic impact of the slave trade?
we dont factor in the arab slave trade
According to Dr. Kimani Nehusi, how many Africans were lost as a result of the slave trade?
200 million
What needs to be included in calculations about the demographic impact of the slave trade?
social dislocations --> they had to migrate inwards because the outside boundaries were easier to get picked up on as a slave
Does the existence of African collaborators mean that Africans are wholly to blame for the slave trade?
no right or wrong --> very debated topic
According to Hakim Adi, why would African rulers participate in the trade?
political and technological advantage
Why was it difficult for Africans to extricate themselves from the slave trade?
everyone is engaged in the slave trade and if you are not then you have the chance of getting snatched up yourself by Europeans. They did it to look out for their own and thats it.
How does Olaudah Equiano compare slavery in Africa to Slavery in the New World?
Africa --> went down family line
New --> ended with death
What was the relationship between Africa and Europe before 1900, what characterized the interaction?
-largely slave trade
-"legitement trade" --> cash, crops
What principle commodity were West African merchants principally engaged in trading before 1830?
Identify three different groups of Europeans in Africa in the 19th century?
Give one reason for missionary activity in Africa?
conversion of Africans to civilized people
Who was David Livingstone?
missionary --> explorer
What did David Livingstone believe missionaries could contribute to Africa?
job to raise humanity thru conversion and commerce
With which missionary organization was Livingstone associated?
London Missionary Society
What was the mission establishment's view of missionary work?
civilizing mission
encouraged christianity
What was the relationship between king Lobengula and the Revered Helm?
started as friend then betrayed him
purposely misread the document to take over his land
In the story of the lizard and the fly, who according to Lobengula was the fly?
Lobengula was the fly
Who was Cecil Rhodes?
british ass hole
came to cape cod when 17 to get into the diamond business
How did Cecil Rhodes make his fortune?
diamond industry
What were his ambitions for British rule in Africa?
expanding British empire from cape to cairo (egypt)
What were the aims of the British South Africa Company (BSAC)?
diamond mines
expansion of territory
What were the missionary views on African cultural practices?
look down upon for being spiritually degrated
discouraged there practices, said were rude, evil and needed to become civilized
Europeans Imports
new crops
African Exports
1500-1807 Gold and People
1450-1900 Palm Oil, Gum Arabic, Groundnuts
Cost to African Society
increase in violence and warfare
increase social differentiation
introduction of new crops
continuation and expansion of pre existing trading relationships in traditional crops
Competition over control of palm oil trade with Europeans in which deltas?
Niger River Delta
Cross-River Delta
How did powerful men mantain their positions after the slave trade?
with guns
in 1682 what was the rate you exchanged funs for slaves?
two guns for one male slave
By 1718 what was the slave to gun ratio?
24-32 guns per one slave
Gold Coast offered fine gun powder in return of what?
fill 6 ships within 4 months of slaves
Richard Miles advised his correspondents in London what?
guns were an absolute drug on the market
Am i not a Man and a Brother? Explain?
was a medallion which showed a black man on his knees and in chains raising his hands and his eyes in prayer. Was sent out to members in the community for the abolition of slave trade.
When was the revolution in Saint Dominque?
1791 slaves rebeled on the French island of Saint dominique
Which settlement for freed slaves founded in Sierra Leone in 1792?
John Clarkson organized a fleet of 15 ships which carried 1190 freed slaves from Nova Scotia to Freetown
What was the American Colonization Society?
was formed with tacit government support a colony for freed slaves was eventually established on the coast of African in 1822.
What was the colony for freed slaves called? What was its capital?
was called "Liberia" for freedom and its capital was Monrovia named after President James Monroe
What did Henry Clay suggest about the concerns of white citizens upon the freedom of slaves?
send them back to Africa
Mungo Park explored what regions?
the river niger to the sea
Richard Francis Burton explored what?
traced the niger to its mouth
traced the source of White Nile to Lake Victoria Nyanza and showed the rivers navigable possibilities upstream from Khartoum
David Livingstone explored what?
traversed the continent from Zambezi on the west cost of Luanda and back again to the east coast at Quelimane
led a later expedition up the Shire River to Lake Malawi
devoted rest of life to exploration of the lake and river system of south central africa
What is Henry Morton Stanley's profession?
journalist and explorer
Who did Henry Morton Stanley go to look for?
David Livingstone
Which river did Henry Morton Stanley chart?
sailed down the Congo from its upper territory, the LUALABA to its mouth at BOMA
King Leopold II controlled which country?