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This organization has assisted the Pan African movement in conflict management in addition to economic development, and the struggle against colonial and settler colonial rule.

Organization of African Unity (OAU)

This organization, founded in Durban, South Africa, to respond to the challenges brought about by globalization and to enhance the pace of African development was seen as a successor to the OAU.

The African Union (AU)

Even when African countries became politically independent, they maintained a structure with the developed world that was similar to the colonial era prompting the term _______________________.


_________________was known as ________________.

Chinua Achebe/The father of African literature

Post-Civil War laws designed to restrict freed blacks were:

Black Codes

The Portuguese and French employed a system of rule wherein Africans were required to learn their language, education and living patterns. This type of rule was called:

Direct rule

Myths about Africa were/are perpetuated by:

All the above: media, biased historians, and books

This person was known as the "Father of Black History":

Carter G. Woodson

The "two-ness" that people of African descent describe as two souls, two thoughts and two warring ideals is:


According to the British poet Rudyard Kipling, the white man's burden was:

Taming, civilizing, and refining Africans

According to "Wonders of the African World," what were the Portuguese looking for when they first traveled to Africa?


According to "Wonders of the African World," The last slave ship left from this port in Africa:


This individual founded the Univeral Negro Improvement Association

Marcus Garvey

When men in a patrilineal society become wealthy and begin to support dependents and heirs they consequently_________.

Become powerful and prestigious

This conference held in 1884-1885 and often called the "scramble for Africa" divided Africa up into colonies held by Europeans

The Berlin Conference

According to the video "Economics of the African-American Family," in Wilson's study of three predominantly Black neighborhoods, in 1990 what percentage of Black males held a job in these neighborhoods?


Malcolm Little and Malcolm X are not one in the same


At the end of the Civil War, African-Americans were poor, illiterate, and owned no land. Forty Acres and a Mule was designed to bring land and economic reform to black farmers


Africa is the 2nd largest continent with over 1000 languages spoken from the Afro-Asiatic, Khoisan, Niger-Congo and Nilo-Saharan language families.


According to "Wonders of the African World, " the last slave ship left from Ouidah in West Africa just over 100 years ago.


A Eurocentric framework is perfect to study Africa because European researchers' theories and applications are universal.


According to "Wonders of the African World," the first European slave trading post in all of Sub-Saharan Africa was located in Ghana.


“Garveyism” is so named due to Marcus Garvey’s influence on African descendants in every corner of the world to liberate and reconstruct Africa to be powerful.


Marriage occurs in almost every single African society. There are very few older single people.


The function of bridewealth is purely an economic one.


African slavery was more like ____ than European slavery.


The practice of men having more than one wife is _____


Slaves held secret church services away from the visibility of their masters. This was called:

Invisible church

A “simple business” in Africa is another name for


Witchcraft and sorcery may be components of:


In the Herskovits/Frazier debate, this individual believes that the African-American family is sick and broken and needs to be repaired:

E. Franklin Frazier

Former Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan views of the black family were more closely related to those of:

E. Franklin Frazier

According to the video "Reflections of the Black Church," E. Franklin Frazier believed that the most significant cultural institution created by blacks was:

the black church

In the video "Reflections on African-American Religion," according to Barack Obama in “The Audacity of Hope,” the black church is one of:


In "Reflections of the Black Church," Barbara Savage says “African American religion can be described as:

all answers are correct

Amusement, relaxation, instruction and religion were the roles for the black church according to whom?

W.E.B. DuBois

This system of colonial policy allowed British officials to act as "advisors" to African authority figures:

Indirect rule

_____, first enacted in Ohio, restricted the rights and movements of blacks.

black codes/laws

The three-part voyage of ships taking part in slave trade included the ___, the most gruesome portion of the trip wherein slaves were held in inhumane conditions and often died before reaching America.

middle passage

Believing that one's own culture and ethnicity are superior to any other is called:


Belief in one God is called____________


This family type traces their lineage through the mother.


This type of family traces its lineage through the father.


African studies is mono-disciplinary.


There are no religious books or official structural places of worship in Traditionalist religious practice in Africa


The holy book of Christians in The Bible.


The "queen" of the social sciences which has been more responsible for restoring the African past moreso than any other discipline is:


The Decade of African Traditional Medicine was:


Chattel slavery is the ownership of human beings as property


This organization, founded in 1942 in Chicago, relied on its relationship with progressive white people in order to integrate Chicaco restaurants.

Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)

This organization was founded in 1942 by a group of students in Chicago with the goal of using non-violent tactics to obtain Civil Rights in America.


This organization was founded on the campus of Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1960 and played a major role in Civil Rights initiatives:


This explanatory construct about Africa and Africans, attempts to validate the stereotype of African/Africans as having tribal impulses.


This group encourages the blending of African-based ideas into a school's curriculum.

Afrocentric infusionists

The concept of debt bondage is to be tied to an owner and working until you get tired and then leaving without paying off the debt.


Africa officially became independent from European rule with the decolonization of this country in March of 1990:


___________delivered the “I have a dream” speech of unity in Washington DC in August 1963.

Martin Luther King Jr.

This type of family consists of the parents and children without any other family members like aunts or uncles living in the household.


In this type of family, grandparents, parents, and children may all live under the same roof.


The ___________ theory views the African-American family as sick and as a result fractures the black community.


What is national integration?

describes the unity or oneness felt by citizens of a country with regard to citizenship

What are mini nations?

Groups of people with a common culture, language, and shared historical experience, usually living in a specific geographic area

Define irredentism

One ethnic group split by colonial boundaries resulting in two or three countries charing parts of that group

Define secession

Ethnic group attempting to form own government and become independent

Define apartheid

A system of racial segregation in South Africa enforced by NP

What are the four areas that were targeted for "separate development" in South Africa?

legal classification of the population according to race, designation of specific areas for race, interdiction on interracial marriage, and prohibition of sex relations between white and other races

Who was the first African American to be elected as governor of Virginia and first African-American governor of any state since Reconstruction?

Douglas Wilder

What are the two "African-Americans" that are emerging according to this chapter?

Prosperous middle-class and the poor, unskilled, uneducated, and alienated

What did the ruling of Brown v. Board of Education mandate?

Outlawing segregation and "separate but equal" provision in education

What does this chapter cite as the "country's most serious social problem"?


What is the estimated population of the African Diaspora in the US?

30 million

What is the name of the population that traces its ancestry to Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the West Indies?


Who was Toussaint L'Ouverture?

Overthrew French colonial rule in Haiti in 1804

Where is the largest concentration of blacks outside of Africa?


What is the difference between personal, group, and listener music?

-personal: personal enjoyment

-group: performed by group for that group

-listener: done by professionals

What is call and response?

soloist sings a line and it is responded by a chorus

Singing in African is robust and extroverted


What does creolization in Caribbean music mean?

Brought a variety of European and African musical traditions

Who were the Black Carib? Describe their music

Descended from African slaves; blend of African and Amerindian

Reggae is the dominant style of music in Jamaica


Love songs/ballads are not common in the Caribbean


Epic narratives and praise songs are common in the Caribbean


What is an ethnomusicologist?

Approach music as a social process

Define Jazz

Incorporates improvisation, swing, phrasing, and articulation

What US city is the "mecca" of jazz?

New Orleans

Define Blues music in general

Defined by harmonic structure

Define Spirituals

Any antebellum African American religious composition

Define Gospel

"church songs"

Definition of literature

Takes note of place and people with their "aesthetic modes" and "cultural and social structures"

Physical environment and place are strong factors in Afro-Caribbean literatureT


Cultural heterogeneity

Presence of multiple different cultures in a given population

Song Tradition

Portrayed a people of the lower end of social stratum who hoped for resolution of their plight in the afterlife

Slave narratives

Document his/her movement from slavery to freedom and from North to South

Who is Frances Harper? Claude McKay?

Frances Harper is popular abolitionist lecturer and poet. Claude McKay is a militant voice of the era

New Black Aesthetic

1960s poetic revolution

Relevance of "A Raisin in the Sun"

Accurate reflection of blacks; Play by Lorraine Hansberry debuted in 1959

Who is Chinua Achebe?

Author of Things Fall Apart; Nigerian author

Who are the primary Characters in Things Fall Apart?

Okonkwo, Ikemefuna, Nwoye, Chielo, Ezinma, Ekwefi

What is a Chi?

Individuals personal God


Son of Unoka; tragic hero who hangs himself at the end of the book. He is resistant to the idea of missionaries


Boy given to Okonkwo by neighboring village; Becomes close to the family


Okonkwo's older son; Finds peace in missionaries


Dedicated to the oracle of the Goddess Agbala


Okonkwo's favorite daughter; Strategy ahead of emotion


Okonkwo's second wife and mother of Ezinma

Mr. Smith

Strict replacement of Brown; stereotypical white colonist

Mr. Brown

First white missionary; appeals respectfully to tribes value system


Okonkwo's father

Things Fall Apart is set in what time period?


Which area of Africa is hardest hit by HIV/AIDS?

Sub Saharan Africa

What are the three health issues/illnesses/issues from the "triple threat" to African health?

HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis

Biomedical is to Western medicine as traditional is to African medicine.


In Africa, cell phones are being used foreverything from health to agriculture to education.


This disease in Africa kills one child every 30 seconds.


Ointments made from coconut oil and leaves, and lotion made of wine with a "vinegar" texture and fragrance are examples of:

African traditional medicine and healing

________ represents the percentage of the world's maternal and child deaths that can be attributed to Africa.


Sleeping sickness is often found in Africa as well as some portions of South America.


______________African areas have better healthcare services than ____________areas of Africa.


African countries agreed to allocate 15% of their budgets to healthcare in 2001 which has been met with overwhelming positive compliance.