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A group of advertisements, commercials and related promotional materials and activities designed to be used during the same period of time as part of a coordinated advertising plan to meet the specified advertising objectives of a client.
Advertising Campaign
Request for Proposal: a request from a client to a number of agencies to prepare an initial credentials presentation, which usually includes initial qualifications for the requesting client.
Value-Added Lifestyle information which categorizes consumers into a number of captioned groups which reflect their income, buying habits, education and other demographic and psychographic information.
A phenomenon of interactive marketing; a new category of nonstructured advertising / marketing aimed at social groups in which the group participants create the system of communication
Social Marketing
Programming that first appeared on network television and scored high ratings and audience approval. It is then rebroadcast to a well defined, sometimes large, loyal audience built by the program's original popularity.
Copy research that tries to identify specific thoughts that were generated by an ad.
Cognitive response analysis
How much, if anything, the viewer of an ad remembers of the ad message.
(1) A name, term, symbol or design (or combination thereof) intended to clearly identify and differentiate a seller's product from the competitor's; (2) a conceptual entity that focuses the organization of marketing activities (usually with the purpose of building equities for that brand in the marketplace)
Viewing a large market of people with different demands as many smaller homogeneous markets.
Market Segmentation
A marketing approach which considers how consumers perceive a product relative to competitive offerings.
Exists when consumers are bombarded by hundred of marketing messages per day.
Principles that serve as guidelines for both individuals and organizations.
a financial yardstick which measures the profit on a project relative to the investment.
Return on Investment (ROI)
The study of populations characteristics such as age, gender, income, education and occupation.
The study of lifestyle characteristics such as personal attitudes, interests and options
The means of accomplishing objectives (the methods used to reach goals)
What the advertiser hopes to accomplish as a result of advertising.
The methods used to implement strategies.
A legal term for paid communications, primarily advertising.
Commercial Speech
The process of analyzing and choosing media for an advertising and promotions campaign.
Media Strategy
The number of people, households or businesses in a target audience exposed to media vehicle or message schedule at least once during a given time period.
The number of times an individual, household or business within a particular target market is exposed to a particular ad within a specified time period.
The particular group of consumers or demographic strata to whom your advertising message is targeted.
Target Audience
A written document designed to outline the marketing objective, the rationale for the objective and how it will be fulfilled.
Marketing Plan
Gathering and analysis of original information from a sample or population.
Primary Research
Gathering and analysis of information which is available in published form; printed or online sources
Secondary Research
Focusing on low cost, creative strategies to reach the right people in a market area.
Guerilla Marketing